Monday, January 19, 2015

Update for 2014

Well a whole year has come and gone.  SO much has happened.  I'm going to attempt to give an account month by month.  I'm sure I'll leave some things out that I've forgotten.  Mostly it was a good year. Life goes on no matter what.


same old same old.  Recovery from Christmas,  time cut at work for Keith, school starting back, and long dreary days.  Nothing big happened that I can remember.  2 birthdays celebrated. 6 months dentist appointments. Still had Johanna, Savannah, Zack and Grayson.


Our wedding anniversary trip.  Went to see Doreese who lives in south Georgia, about a 6 hour drive from me. We went to Savannah and Loved it.  Started making plans for the 4 children I had guardianship of to return to their mom. Went to the circus.  It was some of the kids first time.


The beginning went well.  I took guardianship of 2 precious little girls..Kassidy-7 and Kaydence-6. I was really enjoying having a house of little ones.  On March 31st Krishawnda was in a terrible car accident.  We were met at the ER by a priest and a social worker and I knew it wasn't good. She did pull through.  Thanks be to God!  He answers prayers!  She does have a TBI but if you didn't know her already you would never know now.  Her 1 year old daughter wasn't with her nor was her husband.  She was on her way to work and pulled right out in front of someone. She was in hospital in ICU for 3 weeks and an additional 3 before she was released to rehab.


because of Krishawnda's wreck we decided to move up the 4 kids returning home.  So Johannah, 8- Savannah-4, Zack-10 and Grayson-3went home.  The plan was May but I was at the hospital everyday and it just put so much on the other grown kids that we all decided it was best.  They are all doing great I'm proud to report.  Easter was nice, but we had to celebrate with out Krishawanda and it was sad for it to be Alyiah's first one without her mom.


May was a little better.  We knew Krishawnda was out of the woods.  We still stayed close to home.  Remembered how short life can be.  Had several band concerts with Katelynn making district honors band. (yah Katelynn)  Selena graduated.  WOO HOO!  Visited with family and was happy when Krishawnda got released on May 25th.


Summer officially started! Kids were busy with bowling and skating.  Teens went on a weekend retreat for adopted teens.  Most all of them got to go to camps.  Boys went hiking in the mountains. We went to the water park. That was a blast.  We all went on our annual vacation to the mountains.  Everyone went.  all the grown kids and the grandbabies too.  Well all except 1.  And he decided to break in while we were gone and steal all the kids game systems(5), their MP3's, DS, (3)our Lap Top, An silver trumpet (value $3000) a trigger trombone. A camera and monitor and who knows what else that I can't remember.  about $9000. in all.  OF course we called the police and told them who we were sure did it.  They couldn't find fingerprints but did look for him to question him but  he stayed hid.  He called and didn't deny it.  He basically got away with it. we did recover some of it and Insurance paid out but really?  


Well I would like to say good month, but it was horrible.  Started out well. Kids were all at VBS when we were swooped in on by DFCS. Apparently the thief found out we pressed charges and decided to retaliate the only way he knew how.  HE called dfcs and told them we locked the kids in their room and didn't feed them.  Really?  They came in like an army force but left very apologetic.  It upset me to no end.  I feel so helpless.  They talked to all the kids and of course figured out it was a bunch of lies.  We still had to sign release for doctors and psychiatrist so it took a whole month for them to close the case and I had to go get my letter of clearance. But it was over and I was glad.  They can come anytime they want to.  Just don't make me feel like I'm a criminal and ask me a bunch of offensive questions.  Like "do I feed them"  UGh  All we do is eat!  But the thief knew that would upset me.  So he threated the kids.  Made them all scared and mad.  But we became closer as a family so The Lord used it for good!


School started back!  Broke the bank. Selena started college!  Rebecca started pre-k!  No more kids at home.  I had a busy month with doctors, dentist , and psychologist  because I had put off stuff during the summer. Kieanna moved out.  She moved in with one of her coaches from volley ball. A good move for her and me too.  I love her dearly but get along with her better when she doesn't live at home.  John (19) got a part time job with his birth mom.  He is staying some with her and working.  It works out great because he can ride the bus to her house one day and ours the next.  So there is no transportation for either of us.  And John isn't quite  capable of getting his  driving license.   August flew by.


As the weather cooled we planned some outdoor trips.  We went to the zoo.  Kids have gotten older and don't seem to like it as well. I love it!  We went to the apple orchard.  Picked apples, went to the petting zoo and had a huge picnic.  Everyone loved the fried apple pies.  We came home with a ton of apples. Later in the week  we had a big bon fire and roasted hotdogs, and marshmallows. We had homemade apple cider and homemade apple pies.  We've enjoyed our neighbor too. Her and her children fit right in with us. Keith took me to the Fox theater to see Mama Mia!  It was so great.  I had such a good time.  Looking forward to going again.  We were also busy attending Amey's showers and planning for .......


BIG month.  Brian got married!!  He and Amey have been together for 8 years.  I didn't think he would ever make the commitment.  The wedding was beautiful.  Outside in a garden and their little dog was in it too! Brian is our oldest son.  Only bio one.  (1 was enough if they would have all been like him lol)  We went to see Disney's Frozen on ice.  Little girls were in dream land.  Bralee (DJ's daughter) who was 18 months old sang let it go for weeks.  So cute!  We went to the ballet and saw Giselle.  Boys wasn't thrilled but it was a good experience for them.   I was sad that the 2 girls went home.  Mom got it together so I agreed and she took them back.  Not doing as well as I wished now but they are home and I'm here if they need me.  Also went to the pumpkin patch.  An annual trip for us.  One of my favorite.  Of course I like all trips with all my family.  Kids had a blast with all the games, jumpy houses , pig races, and food and Keith and I sat back and enjoyed not having a baby for the first time in a long time.  I think I'm looking forward to this no baby deal.  So much easier.  But I do so enjoy my grandbabies.


My Birthday month.  Keith's also.  Brian's, Katelynn's, Krishawnda, Selena, and Kenton's too.  And Thanksgiving.  We started celebrating Christmas.  Went to Lake Lanier nights of lights.  Beautiful.  Not as big as last years though I don't think.  We also did snowworld.  Not that great.  I guess because we went in November that it just wasn't decorated enough for Christmas.  Of course we shopped for black Friday! 

whew!  We were so busy!  I love Christmas!  Thank you Jesus!  We went ice skating, (thanks Jennifer) We went to Stone mountain.  Makayla loved the snow princess.  They had her on a zip line and had it snowing.  It was so magically for her.  We went to a live nativity play.  I think it really helped the kids understand the true meaning.  We went to Bass Pro.  Which has free pictures with Santa and lot of things for kids to do.  A carousal of deer, bears and antelope.  Race tracks for remote control cars, a train track. and lots of other kid stuff.  We had our annual Gingerbread House Party.  All the kids get to invite a friend.  So it turns into a crazy house for awhile. We had a terrific Christmas.  I always spend too much and every year I say I'm going to change and not spend as much.  But I get carried away!  In defense I can say we never buy toys except Christmas and birthdays. The kids always get clothes so that's their winter clothes bought.  I Love Christmas!  Did I say that? 

So that's our year in a nutshell.  I plan on adding pictures.  Everyone has grown so much. We went to the Atlanta Aquarium today and I looked back on my blog trying to figure out the last time we went .  I didn't find it but did take the time to up date it.   Hope everyone is having a great life.  Mine is going by a lightning speed.   Looking forward to it slowing down.  HUH like that will ever happen!   



Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Christmas was great as ususal this year.  With 7 grandbabies in the mix it was even sweeter. 

fall activities

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

August, September, and October in pictures


Bon Fire

Everyone loves hotdogs and smores

Especially Josh

Staisha and my grandbabies

Basic training graduation With Anthony

ALL my grandbabies (so far)

Old fashioned day Savannah


Sack races




Tyler, Ashanti, and Johannah

Kysonold fashioned day at the church

Grandparents day at school with LAuren

Introducing Aliyah

sweet girls

Pto Line dancing

Playing in th water

more water fun

Grayson doing the craft






At the zoo,  Zack and Johannah

SAvannah and Makayla

Johanah and Lauren

Cheering for the  Panthers!
Faith and Johannah

                                                                                                                 Katelynn and Ashanti
At the apple orchard

It was hot and some were tired

One of the good ones

No one is smiling?

theres a smile

Ah! another one


Pirate day at Krispy Kreeme