Thursday, September 30, 2010

Record of today

Left the house early this morning, stopped to get gas and headed to the pediatricians office. One had hurt his finger playing football, another had hurt his wrist(opposite of last time) and another needed ADHD med refills. No broken bones, thank goodness. A sprained wrist, a sore finger and a refill. Then I hurried to drop one off at the high school. He really wanted to stay out, but he has missed so much school being in therapy every two weeks that I insisted he go on. Then I stopped by the house to start another load of laundry and grab a glass of tea. Then I dropped another off at school and headed to the orthodontist. We were there quiet some time. Anthony is now to the rubber band stage of braces. I left in a rush, stopped by the house to try and find Selena's red band shirt.(and start laundry) She needs it for a parade tonight! Didn't find the shirt. Did find that my two 18 year old girls live like pigs. With 18 kids you would think the oldest ones room would be the cleanest, Nope! I seriously have to have a talk with them. Then I rushed off to get Anthony to school. Dropped him off and came straight home. Oops! I forgot I was suppose to look for a long sleeve pink shirt for Daivon. Thankfully Tabitha was out shopping and a quick call to her produced a beautiful pink shirt. (tie too) Daivon will look great at the homecoming dance this Saturday night. After taking care of the shirt deal I heated up leftovers for lunch. Put Makayla down for a nap and sat down at the computer(after starting laundry). A knock at the door.....I'll be right back.
It is a guy from a funeral home. Yikes, do we have pre arrangements? Well that is something he will have to come back about. Keith will have to be in on that decision. So it's about 15 minutes until the bus runs. We do home work for an hour everyday. Kids read out loud to me and I help them with math and spelling . Then I have to pick up Isaiah, Hannah, Tyler, Andrew and Katelynn from Good News club, take Promise and Cora to cheerleading practice and maybe make it back to pick up Selena, Marvin, and Krishawanda from Band. As well as Daivon from Varsity football practice. All while making it to Anthony's JV game before it ends. Whew! This is a typical day. I am on the road 4 out of 5 weekdays. I'm not complaining, I know what I got myself into. When people say at least all of them are in school, I just agree....They all are in school. But I sure don't get to relax at home all day. I have to go do laundry, and then the bus will be here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Pictures

They grow up so fast.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


A lot has happened since my last post. My 12 year old little poodle died. Broke my heart. We buried her in our yard. We had a birthday celebration, We have another in a few days. They have cut Keith's hours again, where we will cut back I don't know. I got all but one conference done and I forgot that one. Austin had his first special needs soccer practice and LOVES it. Cora and Promise have had 3 cheer leading practices and both are over the moon about cheer leading. My electric oven is on the fritz. My gas oven still works so I'm not in a total pinch but we use both ovens regularly. I toured a college for Doreese that is perfect for her, I absolutely loved it. However I think her boy friend is talking against it. She would be about 3 and a half hours away. D.J. moved out. Not a bad thing, but not a good thing. He has already changed his mind and wants to come back. Still working on that one. Destinee turns 18 next month. I hope she still lets me have some influence on her life. 18 is so young. I only have 7 kids home today. A first I think. I hate silly bands, too much auguring over them. Hopefully Keith and I will have a date tonight. Hopefully!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more than one conference

I had a conference this morning at 7:15, whew!, I just made it. I don't like leaving my house until all of the kids are on the bus. I took the elementary kids with me but left middle and high school to get on without me. This is only the 2ND time in 25 years I've ever done so. I usually always have either Tabitha or Jennifer, Staisha or Brian make sure everyone gets on. Not that I have any reason to believe that they would not. It is just I had rather KNOW that they did without worry. Or what ifs. Destinee will start to drive in October. I am thankful. That will lesson a load on the family. I am really strict though about first time drivers. I won't let too many of them ride with her. I know how kids are to try and impress someone, or take a dare, or just plain be careless. I know she will be glad as a senior that she doesn't have to ride the bus any longer. Her and Doreese.
I have 3 more conferences today. 1 tomorrow, and 2 next week. That takes care of elementary school. Middle school will be next. High school is usually just once a year. If all of the meetings go as well as Faith's did today I will be extremely happy! I know they will not though because I have one who is acting out. Nothing really bad, just hide and go seek in the library, burping contest at lunch, his folder not signed one week, calling someone a name(stupid) and some homework not turned in. I know he has some issues going on right now. BUT he has to get it together. This year is really important for him. He is on a border line right now for an IEP. He can do it. He just has to apply himself. I've had kids go either way at this point. Some have overcome and one has chosen to get all the attention and help she can. Sometimes wanting to do it is more important than being able to. I'm off to another conference.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stomach Virus Yuck!

NEVER, have so many of the kids been sick at one time! A stomach bug has took over. Out of 20 kids (including my grand kids)only 4 haven't been sick. Thankfully the little kids have all gotten sick on different days. I think it actually got in on Tuesday, as Robert was sick right at bedtime, but never threw up. Then on Wednesday night with Hannah,and she was really sick. She missed school on Thursday. Then by Friday night 4 more had it. Sat. more and Sunday even I had the bug although I wasn't as sick as some. So today one more has it. It's not but 24 hours, thank goodness. Keith hasn't come down with it yet, so he will probably have to miss a day of work when he does get it. I Cloroxed everything, but it didn't stop it. I guess it is just going to have to run it's course. I guess you can look at it as there is never a great loss with out some small gain. All the kids beds got stripped and washed and all the bathroom rugs got washed. So everything is clean IF its all over.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our schedule is fixing to get pretty crazy! Austin has soccer practice on Sunday's from 2 - 3:30, Faith and Katelynn have dance on Tuesday from 6-7, Promise and Cora have cheer leading on Thursday's from 5:30-7, Hannah, Isaiah, Tyler, Andrew, and Katelynn have Good News club on Thursday 2:40 until 3:45, Krishawand, Marvin, and Selena have band practice Monday and Thursday's after school until 6:15. Wednesday Krishawanda has color guard until 5:15. Daivon and Anthony have football practice Monday -- Thursday until 6:30 or 7ish. Kieanna, and John have cross country until 5:15 Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Destinee is planning on playing basketball and is running in the afternoons after school. Krishawanda, Destinee, and Doreese all have jobs, and work as much as they can. We have season passes to the football game (thanks)this year and hope to go to every home game. Which is most Friday nights. Only 2 away games this year. Cora is also in chorus, and Robert in band. They have concerts periodically. We have church on Sunday and we go on some Wednesday's. NEEDLESS to say We are busy. I really believe in keeping the kids involved. It helps give them self-esteem, as well as helps them be well known and that makes for more friends. All positives. The kids don't have a lot of time to just hang together, in this picture they are all playing cards.
Thank goodness Keith's schedule is going to change after this week. He has been working 4AM yes 4AM until 2PM for the summer. It has been horrible. He sure hasn't gotten enough sleep. He comes in exhausted and sleepy, so he usually sleeps a couple of hours and then he's up until the house is quiet at 10pm. It seems like I haven't carried on a conversation with him all summer, unless we are out to ourselves and then we try to catch up.

I am looking forward to cooler weather for more than one reason. My power bill will drop by several hundred dollars for one thing, Keith will be home more, and I can work outside more. I love my flowers but they sure do need weeding. The hot weather just about gets me.

Laundry is calling me. I wonder if I could get by with my kids usual....... I didn't here you! LOL