Thursday, September 30, 2010

Record of today

Left the house early this morning, stopped to get gas and headed to the pediatricians office. One had hurt his finger playing football, another had hurt his wrist(opposite of last time) and another needed ADHD med refills. No broken bones, thank goodness. A sprained wrist, a sore finger and a refill. Then I hurried to drop one off at the high school. He really wanted to stay out, but he has missed so much school being in therapy every two weeks that I insisted he go on. Then I stopped by the house to start another load of laundry and grab a glass of tea. Then I dropped another off at school and headed to the orthodontist. We were there quiet some time. Anthony is now to the rubber band stage of braces. I left in a rush, stopped by the house to try and find Selena's red band shirt.(and start laundry) She needs it for a parade tonight! Didn't find the shirt. Did find that my two 18 year old girls live like pigs. With 18 kids you would think the oldest ones room would be the cleanest, Nope! I seriously have to have a talk with them. Then I rushed off to get Anthony to school. Dropped him off and came straight home. Oops! I forgot I was suppose to look for a long sleeve pink shirt for Daivon. Thankfully Tabitha was out shopping and a quick call to her produced a beautiful pink shirt. (tie too) Daivon will look great at the homecoming dance this Saturday night. After taking care of the shirt deal I heated up leftovers for lunch. Put Makayla down for a nap and sat down at the computer(after starting laundry). A knock at the door.....I'll be right back.
It is a guy from a funeral home. Yikes, do we have pre arrangements? Well that is something he will have to come back about. Keith will have to be in on that decision. So it's about 15 minutes until the bus runs. We do home work for an hour everyday. Kids read out loud to me and I help them with math and spelling . Then I have to pick up Isaiah, Hannah, Tyler, Andrew and Katelynn from Good News club, take Promise and Cora to cheerleading practice and maybe make it back to pick up Selena, Marvin, and Krishawanda from Band. As well as Daivon from Varsity football practice. All while making it to Anthony's JV game before it ends. Whew! This is a typical day. I am on the road 4 out of 5 weekdays. I'm not complaining, I know what I got myself into. When people say at least all of them are in school, I just agree....They all are in school. But I sure don't get to relax at home all day. I have to go do laundry, and then the bus will be here.

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