Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We all have choices. It starts with me as soon as my alarm clock goes off. Hit snooze or get up? That's a very small choice, but one that if not made can turn a whole day upside down. I teach my children about good choices. All of them make bad choices sometimes. BUT one young man continues to make bad choices. Every time he is presented with a choice he chooses the wrong one. He is very smart, but he is failing a class, He is in therapy, but behavior hasn't changed, He has house rules, but I continue to find things he's not suppose to have. After fighting this battle for so many years with little progress I want to give up. I don't want to enforce his punishment. It's easier to just say WHATEVER. Fail, Your only hurting yourself. Go ahead, let Satan take over, I've done my job. I really really want to. BUT I can't. I love him. I so want him to turn the corner. I want him to realize how smart he is, how he could be or do anything in this world he really wanted to do. At one point in time I had the opportunity to seek residential treatment for him, I was afraid he would be exposed to other BAD things. I kept him home, kept him in church, kept him in weekly therapy, kept him with his family. Was it the right decision? I may never know. But I have HOPE. Hope that one day he will want to live a righteous life. Follow rules, follow laws, get an education, fall in love, have his own family, and come to realize how much I love him. That everything I do, all the rules, all the talks, all the therapy, all the involvement with him is because it is what I thought was best for him. All because I love him. Unconditionally. I have hope.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Night

These are some of the photos we took the night of the Community Service Award banquet. I sure was proud of my kids. They all looked so beautiful. They had a great time. The kids were so excited to have their picture taken with Warrick Dunn and Julius Erving, who were also winners.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 Alive Community Service Awards

Well we done it! We made the news! Go to www.11alive.com then go to Community Service Awards. Ted Hall did a really good job with the interview and John Samuels did a great job at filming. With so many people to interview and so many kids they did an amazing job of bringing it all together. Me, I'm my true hillbilly self. Hey, it's who I am. I cried when I watched it. Not because of anything I've done, but because of the kids. They are truly amazing. I love to here it come from their mouths. How good they are. And they are. They are an amazing bunch of kids. Without them where would I be?

Monday, April 19, 2010

My dog

My poodle, who we have had for 12 years is not doing well. She could hardly walk today. It will break my heart if we have to have her put down.

On a happier note all the kids are doing great. Everyone had a great weekend. Andrew and Lauren had a big birthday party (at Tabitha's expense) at our house. Tabitha rented a big blow up jumpy trampoline. The kids all had a blast.

Our Black Tie affair is tomorrow night. I'm a nervous wreck. I just wish I could calm down and enjoy it. It is suppose to be a fun thing. But I am oh so stressed. I'm hoping and praying everything will go off without any trouble.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soccer games tonight

We have two soccer games tonight. One at 6 and another at 7, both at different fields of course. Tabitha will take the Isaiah with her as Andrew and him are on the same team. I'll go and take my whole crew to Austin's. Tyler is on Andrew and Isaiah's team and Johnathan is on Austin's team. They are all so cute to watch. They grow up so fast. I remember when Brian who is now 26 was playing t-ball and soccer and basketball. Once during a t-ball game he hit a field ball, we were screaming for him to run, run, well he ran to 2ND base. We yelled keep running , keep running, and he did. Right on out into the field. He never made the turn to 3rd base. LOL Oh my how we laughed. Time goes by while were not watching!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

good times and bad

Thank goodness the good times out way the bad! I am so proud of my family. We just came through a minor trial with a couple of our teenagers, it turned out fine, but it sure was stressful. I think they learned something from it. That's whats important. We all make mistakes, but learning from them helps us to be a better person. A better Christian. I really have enjoyed our spring break! It has been so nice. No schedules, no time to get up , no place to be. It has been so laid back. We done a major spring cleaning to get ready for the camera crew from channel 11 the week before, so everything was tidy and clean and we all have been able to just enjoy. The weather has been excellent. We have spent a lot of time outside. Me in my flower gardens as that is what I love to do. The kids playing on gym sets, wetting each other with water guns, jumping on the trampoline, laughing and just enjoying the sunshine. I could take a few weeks like this. Summer is looking really good!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter! Lots of family and friends. We missed you Jennifer and Lauren. Brian showed up for church but left to have lunch with Amey's family. We hid 560 eggs! Thank you Lord for sending your son Jesus. What a celebration!