Tuesday, January 24, 2012

life goes on

Well I'm still worrying.  I don't know why.  I know who's in control.  I know who's in charge of the storm.  As Joel *steen said: Let the storm take you where God wants you to go.  So I give it all to Him.

This month Rebeca turns 2, Isaiah turns 11 and Marvin turns 18.  When Marvin was acting out and I about went crazy, 18 looked way off.  I'm glad to say he's doing fabulous and I'm proud to say I'm his mom.  The light was dim at the end of the tunnel, but finally it shown bright.

We've not done much this month.  We've stayed home and played with everything they got for Christmas.  The boys have stayed outside as much as possible, as they got new bikes, pogo sticks, skates, scooters and a trampoline.  They love being outside and I love for them to be.  When they are burning off all that energy they sleep really good.  Go to sleep really fast too!  The teens did go to Winter Jam, a huge Christian concert.  They also went on a teen retreat for adopted teens.  Daivon, Anthony and John have wrestling, that keeps them busy.  Daivon hopes to place for state. (He will) Kieanna is playing soccer and Selena is running track. That's all the high school kids.  Keeping them busy is my plan as it helps keep them out of trouble. Not that any one of them have been in trouble, but I think that's why, I don't give them any time to do so.  They are a great bunch of kids.  All  of them are actually.  Austin is my hardest, as his diagnosis is FAS, MID, and ADHD.  That's a mix.  He is 9 and is beginning to have some issues.  John has CP, but it is managed very well and the school system has always been great with him.  Cora also has a MID diagnosis, but she is such a sweet spirit that it doesn't take much to correct her.  Isaiah and Faith both have ADHD but both do well on meds for school.  Isaiah does have some issues he's in counseling  for right now, but hopefully he will come through it as many of the others have.

I plan on introducing Rebecca in a post soon.  I never introduced her on my blog.  I didn't know if it would be permanent but she's been here so long I thought I might as well introduce her.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out of Sync

I've been out of sorts lately.  We are going through something I can't blog about.  Junk.  Stupid, Stupid, Junk.  I don't feel like writing.  I am not brave.  I can not just spit it all out.  When I go through stuff I just hunker down and roll with the tide.  Until it's all over.  I pray it will be over soon.  I love my family. BUT sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, it'll never be the way I want it to.  Junk!