Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

These are Faith and Katelynn a few days ago as we were going to a dress rehearsal for their dance recital in June. I thought they were very cute except the studio requires too much makeup for little girls. Because it is considered a stage production they want all the girls in make up. The other picture is of 50's day at school. I didn't get a picture the morning they left because it was so crazy trying to get everything done. So I dressed them up again and took their picture. The costumes were really cute to put together. I spray painted a pair of the girls old shoes to look like saddle oxfords. I also spay painted on of the boys jackets black and then took craft paint and decorated both the backs of them They thought it was so cool.
Destinee leaves today for the National Guard. She will be gone 10 weeks for boot camp and them come back and finish her senior year in high school. When the idea was first brought up I was all for it. Now that it is time for her to go I've changed my mind. LOL I know she is stepping into her adult life I just wish I could go along with her! I'm sure she will do fine. It will give her some direction and some MONEY. She is excited. The other picture is of Makayla. She wanted her picture made after church. I've kept her and her brothers for a little while now and I'm gonna miss them when they leave. We were gonna have a BBQ today but looks like the rain is gonna shut us in. Oh well, we'll still enjoy the company.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last day of schooo 2010

Well we have finished up another school year. When school starts back I'll have 3 seniors. Oh my where has time gone? I remember crying when Tabitha my oldest started school. Then again when Staisha started school. Yesterday I sat and cried, cried, cried at Faith's kindergarten graduation. That's 24 years of having kids in school. I don't think it gets any easier. In fact I think it gets harder. As time goes on our children are exposed to so much through the school system. Some good, but lots bad. When I was younger and only had 4 kids at home, I use to think If I can just get them to 18. Well with 5 now 18 and up let me tell you nothing changes. Yea, something does, you can't tell them anything! They still make choices you don't like. You still worry. Maybe I just don't let go like most mom's? I don't know, I just know I still love each and everyone just like I did when I could tell them what to do.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

recap of the week

A week in my Crazy world. Saturday the kids played in the pool and we cooked hot dogs on the grill. I enjoy being outside with the kids, they always go to bed and fall asleep quickly after an afternoon outside. I worked in my flower beds and enjoyed their beauty. I love flowers. Sunday morning we had pancakes for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Dinner was Blackeyed peas, cabbage, chicken rice and corn bread.
I kept my niece on Saturday and Sunday. She is 3 and doesn't stay away from home much but we sure enjoyed having her.

Monday was a nice day. No appointments! I done laundry, watched an old movie and played with Kyson, Lauren and Makayla. Selena did Tuna helper for dinner. Kieanna and Cora fixed sides and helped too. Tuesday Doreese had an appointment for vaccines at 8 and DJ had an 11:45 at the podiatrist. After that I rushed home and done soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner so we could head out to the Braves game. Everyone had a blast and came home tired and sleepy. Wednesday, Promise seen her psychologist, with what I feel like isn't making very much difference. I have decided to home school Promise. I'm looking into a web based home school program. I had an appointment for an IEP on Austin at 1:00. That went very well. He is improving, just slowly. Faith, Hannah and Katelynn had dance class, their recital is in June. They are excited. I fixed pork chops on the grill with peach cobbler for desert. Tanya (Keith's Sister) came and we had a nice long visit and watched a little TV together. We use to spend so much more time together, but don't get to much anymore. Thursday I done laundry, and sorted out everyone clothes. They get so jumbled up. I went grocery shopping and came back and watched Lauren for Tabitha to grocery shop. Dinner was Butter beans, mac and cheese and corn bread. Promise made the cornbread and Kieanna made a banana pudding. Staisha watched the kids while Keith and I had a night out. We bought several movies for the kids to watch. Friday was a BUSY day. I had to drop off Fefe at the vet at 7:30, take Marvin to the psychologist at 8:00, and Doreese, Destinee, and Anthony had dentist appointments at 8:30. Whew! It was stressful and crazy but I did manage it. I left the 3 at the dentist while I talked with Marvin's Dr. and then went back and picked them up. Doreese got a new phone and is so excited. I picked up Fefe and I fixed dinner, Beef roast, with carrots,and potatoes, salad, and green beans. Brian and Amey were suppose to come eat but did not show up. Keith, Daivon Anthony and Andrew went to the Gwinnett county Braves game and Andrew caught a ball! Staisha got sick with an asthma episode and scared me, but after some meds was OK. I got to bed late after Destinee and I sat up and played a computer game. Destinee and I made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. First time I had used this recipe. They turned out really good. This morning Kieanna, Selena, John , Robert and Cora went to sell donuts to help raise money for camp. I'm fixing to go pick them up right now. Of course this recap doesn't include taking Krishawanda and Doreese back and forth to work. I am really proud of them. Both have a job and are working hard. Destinee leaves for the National Guard on June 1st. I sure will miss her this summer. She will be gone 10 weeks. Now if I can just get my teenage boys motivated to do SOMETHING, like maybe work? Johnathan, Austin, Tyler, Andrew and Isaiah finished up their soccer games. That will give up a little more free time. At least until football/cheerleading starts in the early fall. It is still wet and dreary outside so I guess the kids will play in their rooms and maybe watch a movie today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Late

As usual I'm late posting. This picture is of Josh, my son-in-law, (and my daughter Staisha) who graduated from West Georgia University, with a degree in criminology! I am so proud of him! He has worked 2 jobs, supported his family, and went to school. My daughter made a great choice for a husband. Although she could not convince me of that when she wanted to move in with him a month before she turned 18. She will be 21 in a few days. She is the last child I gave birth to. She is a fabulous mom. My grand baby is a bright spot in my world. They are a wonderful family! This picture was taken yesterday with Faith. The baby at home now. It seems just a few days ago Staisha was this age. I call Faith, Staisha all the time. Maybe it's because they are both my babies!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day. Mine was great! All 22 of my children were home and everyone was happy. That Is A True Happy Mothers Day! I am so thankful for my children. I love being mom. Some days I get frustrated and weighed down, but then I remember who is really in control. I love my children when they make mistakes just like my father loves me when I mess up. And I, like all others make mistakes. Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of it all. That's just what one of my kids wrote on one of my mothers day cards. Thanks for loving me anyway. WOW! It made me think of all the mistakes I had made over the years and yet I know Jesus still loves me and wants me to live out the plan he has for me. Just like I have a plan for my kids. Lauren, my granddaughter said, I think it should be little kids day! LOL She wanted in on the presents too! Thank You Lord for my life, and my children!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today was the first of 5 IEP meetings I have to attend. All are scheduled this week. Today was Johns. He is in 7th grade and has CP. John is doing wonderful. Even though he struggles he still tries his best. His teacher just sang his praises. He is eager to please, always happy, and a pleasure to be around. That really makes me happy. Even though John has challenges, he will succeed. Sometime I wonder why the "normal" children making the bad choices can't see how easy they have it. John will have struggles his whole life. But he will make it. He faces everything with a positive attitude. Being smart is only half of the equation. You have to want to do it. No matter how much you are taught if you do not apply it, you will not be any better off than the person who did not have the same opportunities. John will use every tool available to him. He is MY bright crayon! Way to go John!