Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

These are Faith and Katelynn a few days ago as we were going to a dress rehearsal for their dance recital in June. I thought they were very cute except the studio requires too much makeup for little girls. Because it is considered a stage production they want all the girls in make up. The other picture is of 50's day at school. I didn't get a picture the morning they left because it was so crazy trying to get everything done. So I dressed them up again and took their picture. The costumes were really cute to put together. I spray painted a pair of the girls old shoes to look like saddle oxfords. I also spay painted on of the boys jackets black and then took craft paint and decorated both the backs of them They thought it was so cool.
Destinee leaves today for the National Guard. She will be gone 10 weeks for boot camp and them come back and finish her senior year in high school. When the idea was first brought up I was all for it. Now that it is time for her to go I've changed my mind. LOL I know she is stepping into her adult life I just wish I could go along with her! I'm sure she will do fine. It will give her some direction and some MONEY. She is excited. The other picture is of Makayla. She wanted her picture made after church. I've kept her and her brothers for a little while now and I'm gonna miss them when they leave. We were gonna have a BBQ today but looks like the rain is gonna shut us in. Oh well, we'll still enjoy the company.

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