Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ear aches

Today I had to make a trip to the doctor with 4 kids. 3 of the 4 had ear infections. That's not surprising as Saturday we made a trip with Austin to one of the doc-in -a box. He had an ear ache and told me someone at school put something in it. Well they (or he) did. He has something blue in his ear that the clinic doctor could not get out nor could the pediatrician. Now we have to go see an ENT specialist. With as much pain as this has caused him hopefully he will never LET someone put something in it again. I'm hating all this rain. The kids are stuck in the house and want to go outside so very much. ( I want them to go out too!!) Selena made this card tower. We have done puzzles, played bingo, built with Lincoln Logs, played with Leggo's, watched movies, colored and lets not forget argue and bicker. They are so much easier when they can run off some energy! I guess I'll let them get out the dreaded play dough. It gets everywhere! But it will keep them busy for a while. I have the younger ones signed up for a local VBS. I'm sure that will make them happy. Every kid loves to go somewhere. I had thought we might go to the lake this week but the rain won't let us. Kieanna has a cake in the oven that sure smells good. That is why I can't loose weight! Oh well, maybe I can resist. Krishawanda said she would buy me a salad for supper. I think I will take her up on her offer. Now to serve but resist the cake!

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