Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not my fault!

I know it has been a while since I posted, but blogger would not let me on. I don't know what the deal was. Several times I tried to log on and it just would not let me write. So this is several posts in one. Last week the elementary kids were in church camp. They were gone 3 days! I really enjoyed not being tied down. I did miss them though. This week the teenagers will be gone all week! That's 8 kids at Sr. church camp. Destinee is at basic training for the National Guard and DJ is spending the week with some of his bio family. Woo HOO! I had rather take care of 10 little ones compared to 2 or 3 teenagers anytime. NO drama, just a few squabbles and quarrels. Hannah who is 10 is also at a christian camp this week. Yesterday I took the kids to a park called Hurricane Shoals. It is a river with a bed of flat rocks. They have a playground and picnic area. Staisha and Josh went with me to help supervise all the little ones with no older kids around. They had a blast! I was a little nervous because I was afraid they would slip and fall on the rocks. They had fun rushing down the river. I did get some pictures. Today we went to a local park that has a beach. We have went several times already and I enjoy sitting in the shady area while the kids play. We take a picnic lunch and the kids finish the day with a movie and are asleep in no time. Good for me! Tomorrow we are going to see a movie and then go to Chick-fil-a for dinner. If you dress as a princess or a pirate, you get a free kids meal! Last year we all dressed up as cows for a free meal. Well I didn't dress up, although I could have played the part!LOL The kids usually end every day playing in the pool. Austin is in and out because he doesn't do any one activity for a very long period of time. I haven't cooked very much this week either. Although I did fry up the first batch of okra from our garden last night. I steamed squash too! Tonight will be hot dogs on the grill! I may fix potato salad to go with it. It is still very very hot. I haven't weeded much because of the temps. I'm gonna try and weed the garden and my flowers late this evening. My gladiolus are blooming and are gorgeous. We will be taking our vacation soon. This year we are going back to the mountains. It is just too hot in July to go to the beach. When I was younger, I wanted to live at the beach. Now, I'd choose the cooler climate of the mountains. It's time to get all the kids out of the pool and try to fix pirate and princess costumes for everyone. I have some very cute princesses and very fierce pirates!

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