Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

Even though it is just June we have had some really HOT weather. 95 and 96. all week long. UGH! Thank goodness for the pool. The kids take turns of boys then girls and it works out pretty well. The boys don't stay in as long as the girls. They play a while and then they need more action. The girls will just lay on a float and relax. The kids were suppose to go to a Bible school this week but we got back late on Sunday from Faith and Katelynn's dance recital and I didn't get them registered. The dance recital was wonderful! The girls did fantastic. I was so thrilled with the program. I am sure gonna keep them in dance. I was afraid at first. It is kinda pricey, but so worth it. I enjoyed watching the students who had been in the shows for 10 years. I could just imagine Faith and Katelynn 10 years from now. The little boys are wanting to take Karate lessons. The classes are right next to the dance studio so I may see if I can work it in our budget to let them take karate while the girls are in dance. Sometimes I can get a discount. Not always. Keith is out of work this week. He has taken a vacation week. He hurt his back and needs to rest it for it to heal. It's nice having him home and having the extra help. I went to the dentist today for a crown, and I didn't have to worry about rushing home. He retreated to our bedroom as soon as I came through the door with the reply It's your turn. LOL He wouldn't make it as a Stay at home dad!

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