Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Austin had surgery this morning at 7:45 to remove the foreign object in his ear. All went well and he is resting now. They checked his other ear also and believe it or not it too had trash in it. I guess he just waded up crayon paper and craft foam and put it in his ear. It has been really painful so hopefully he will remember and NOT put anything else in them. We have 3 dentist appointments at noon and I plan on going to the book store afterwards. Doreese has been a blessing as she has babysat for me a lot lately. When school is in I don't have to worry. Tabitha and Jennifer use to baby sit a lot. When they grew up and moved on I still had Staisha. Well Staisha had Kyson in October and Doreese turned 18 in May. Worked out really well. Hopefully I'll have a sitter to help out for several more years! LOL

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