Monday, April 22, 2013

email address

Hi Folks,

My email was hi-jacked.  It was compromised and it wouldn't let me in.  It asks a security question I didn't set up, So after many many attempts to restore it I had to create a new address.  It is  So if you need me, use this email.. I'm not sure how to change my new email to this blog.  But I'm working on it..

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Our other adoption that is.  We finalized on Tyler, Johnathan and Makayla yesterday!  It was a long time coming.  They have lived with us almost 4 years off and on.  Mostly on.  Love, Love, Love my kids.  Tyler was a little tore on when the judge ask if he wanted to have his last name changed.  He looked at me and then smiled and said I guess.  The other two are younger and spoke right up but he still has loyalties to his mom.  And I can live with that.  We've talked a lot about adoption and what it means.  Basically for him nothing changes.  It does give me control to do what I think is best.  And that I will do.  They have great bio grandparents, and that works in their favor.  I'm so happy it's finally done.  I was a bit antsy as it was done in a new way.  No adoption agency this time.  Totally through an attorney.  But everything went smooth as silk.  We had pizza and ice cream cake to celebrate.  We are going to the skating rink on Sunday afternoon as this is what the kids wanted.  We have Lauren's birthday party at chuck** ch**se on Saturday. So kids wanted something different.  They love skating, and that's good for me too.  They are exhausted after skating.

We had a beautiful Easter.  Lot's of family and love.  As well as our annual egg hunt. and plenty of food.  Holiday's are my favorite times.  While sometimes the kids do have a hard time remembering holiday's  past, I always try and make it good memories for them for the future.  And they do remember.  Sometimes I catch them trying to see who has the most to remember. 

I had another daughter get married, Krishawanda.  She had a beautiful wedding.  I haven't gotten her pictures yet but I will post when I do!