Thursday, July 30, 2009


Family is so important. This is my nephew TJ. He will be 3 in August. When he is here he is the youngest one around and gets lots and lots of attention. He is so cute. As a young mother I took things toddlers did in stride. I never thought one pouring a whole bottle of baby oil over their head was a cute memory. Or helping me by taking an egg out of the fridge and dropping it onto the kitchen floor just as I'm trying to hurry and get dinner on. Now that I'm older these things just tickle me. Time goes by so fast. They grow up so fast. I've learned that getting upset over little things just isn't worth it. Lauren (my granddaughter) was 3 in April. She too is just too cute. Nana I like Hannah Tanna. I knew who she was talking about. (Hannah Montana) The older girls (6-10) go around singing No body's perfect. Now Lauren is also singing. Laughter is the best medicine. My family is the most important thing in life to me. My 22 children, my 3 grandchildren(counting the one on the way), and of coarse my hubby of 30+ years. I love talking to my teenagers. Sometimes I'm really not in the mood to talk but if they say wait mom let's talk, I always try to stop and listen. I hope to be close to all my adult children. The picture of all the kids was taken Sunday after church, Brian and Amey came and ate lunch with us. Brian borrowed his dad's truck ,his car is being repaired. I miss Jennifer. I know she is a grown woman, but I still worry about her. We have always been a family that helps each other in time of need. With Jennifer so far away we can't be much help. Hopefully we will get to see her on all holiday's and some weekends. I hope so! I love my family!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer days

We are truly in the lazy days of summer. We usually get up around 7 am so the three in band camp can leave by 7:45. Our days are going by slow. When school goes back we will be full throttle. Sometimes I think life is just going by too fast. When I was a kid we played outside till dark catching lighting bugs. We played outside. Made playhouses out of planks and blocks. We used our imagination. My kids have all the new gadgets to play with. I don't really know if they apperciate it or not. When I think about how all of us take everything for granted here in the USA I wonder what it would take to make us realize what we have. I am thankful. Thankful for clean water, a warm dry house, womens rights, plenty of food to eat and much more. Today I'm thankful for summer days.

Monday, July 27, 2009


It is storming outside right now. I enjoy listening to the rain. Austin is afraid of thunder so he has already made his way to our bed. I'll move him to the futon at the end of our bed before I go to sleep. Today we went through Katelynn and Faith's clothes. I think I need help. I don't know why I buy them so many clothes. I had one bag full to throw away, a box to give away, and they still have way too many. At least 20 outfits each. We are blessed. Austin and Isaiah also have plenty. The older kids are a little harder as they tell me what they like and the younger ones are easy to talk into wearing what I like. Although sometimes I do put my foot down about skimpy or too tight clothing. For the most part everyone complies.

I still haven't uploaded my camera yet. I'll post pictures when I do. I'm using the computer in the kitchen and don't have my camera cord in here. This is the computer the kids got for Christmas. We have just now got it to work with wireless. Thanks Josh!!

It doesn't look like we will be helping out the mom that is so sick. Another door opened for her and everything looks good. I love helping others. Especially if it involves kids. I teach my children to serve others also. They do a great job! The older 4 boys play frisbee on Thursday nights with a youth pastor. He had to bring his 2 little boys with him once. He made sure Keith and I knew how well our boys played with the little ones and how they helped out and took turns. This made me feel really good. For them to do well in my sight is one thing but when I'm not around is another. Way to go Daivon, Anthony, Marvin, and DJ.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy day

It's been a busy day today. We headed out to one of the local churches that was giving out book bags and school supplies today. We got in on the school supplies but the book bags were all gone when we got there.. bummer. Then Kieanna, Cora, Hannah, Katelynn, Faith and I headed to Athens. I needed to run some errands and finish up some school shopping. Kieanna got Converse shoes that she's been dying for. Katelynn got a Hello Kitty book bag that she had been waiting to get and some new Hannah Montana shoes. The other girls got several tops and Faith got sandals. Over all everything was a good deal. I also picked up Destinee, and Krishawnda a pair of "Sperry's" they had been drooling over. When we got back Keith and the boys washed our 22 passenger bus. We are going to put it up for sale. When I bought it I thought I would drive it everywhere. Little did I know, CDL liscence were required to drive it. So I haven't driven it like I thought I would have. Dinner was beef and rice, green beans, mashed potatoes and biscuits. We also celebrated Anthony's birthday today. His cake was chocolate chip with chocolate/chocolate chip frosting. Yummy! I'm going to get everyone in bed and settle down to watch a movie or read.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kieanna's Birthday

Yesterday was Kieanna's birthday. I was hoping to get my camera uploaded to my computer so I could post pictures, but didn't get around to it. She turned 13. She had butterpecan cake with cream cheese frosting. I'll try to post the pictures tomorrow. Today was a lazy day. We didn't take on any big projects. The older girls and I watched an old movie. Home made chicken soup was for dinner. The kids ate till I thought they were gonna pop. Someone contacted me about a couple of kids. Just guardianship nothing permanent. I hope it works out that we can help. I won't sleep well until it is all settled. The mother is very ill and isn't getting much support from the father. So pray that everything will work out for us all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleaning House

Keeping a clean house with 18 kids (and 1 hubby) is not easy. For the most part it stays clean and straightened. The kids bedrooms get messy some but the main part of the house is cleaned every morning. Everyone has a job to do. Even the little kids do something. This is the way I've always done it. I remember mopping my floor every morning before going to work when my bio kids were young. I look back now and wonder why I felt the need to leave an empty house with a clean floor. The kids came in from school and messed it up before I ever got home. Oh well, it's what made me happy at the time. Every morning we get up all together and everyone does their job. We clean 5 bathrooms, mop 4 floors, vacuum 1 plus some area rugs, unload and load the dishwasher, dust Kitchen, den, library,living room, and put up and pick up anything in those rooms that doesn't belong. We fold the laundry every morning. During the day we keep laundry going and put all the clean dry clothes in hampers. After each child finishes their job they go to fold clothes , which is where I am running to and from monitoring and directing everyone. School days are a little harder as the kids ride the bus and we have a deadline. Getting everyone out the door at 7:15 ain't easy! But it works for us. All the kids know what to expect and learn responsibility. The job changes once a year in January. We tried more often but it just didn't work. Each child is responsible for making up their on bed and keeping their room tidy. I check periodically to see whose room needs help. If I help I usually throw away stuff they wouldn't so most everyone keeps it decent so I don't interfere. Of coarse I pick up and put up throughout the day, everyone chips in and cleans the kitchen after every meal. So that's how my house stays clean for those that have ask.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When people question my large family with questions like Are they all yours? or Are they foster kids? or better yet Are any of them real? I would like to tell the whole story. Of coarse I never have time and they probably wouldn't want to listen that long. Every life comes with a story and each one of these little lives have done a lot of living. I can't answer some questions. Why do you want so many children? I don't honestly have an answer. I just know I do. The desire is there. I love it. I love taking a little life and molding and shaping and loving and training it. I am so proud of where my children are in their lives. Not to say they aren't normal children with issues and problems, but they have chosen to overcome some things they had no control over. I can positively say Adoption is not for the faint of heart. When people say I could never do it, I know they are telling the truth. Each and every one of us has a gift and mine just happens to be being mom. I wasn't meant to be famous, or move up the corporate ladder, or any other thing women my age are doing. I want to parent. Is it easy for me? Absolutely not! It's hard. It's real hard. You have to be tough from the inside out. You have to love and not be loved in return. That's hard. Everyone wants to be loved. And I am. That's what makes it OK for me. I had the loving cuddling babies that looked at me with adoration. Who wouldn't let any one else comfort them, that wanted only their mom to rock them to sleep, or only mommy to kiss the bo-bo. Years ago when I read an article about the great need for foster parents, I decided this was something I could do. It's no secret I grew up in a dysfunctional family. But like these kids I made a decision to over come it all. I was determined to marry and raise my kids "normal". And I did. My birth children will tell you they were so normal they were very boring. When I checked into fostering I saw an opportunity to do something for these kids. I could show them another life. Now they may choose to rebel and forget everything they have been taught, but they KNOW, they know. I've also tried to teach that everyone makes mistakes. Their parents did. We still have to forgive and go on. Each and every child loves their birth parents. No matter what! And that's OK. They can love us both. They can't be part of their lives right now, but some day. Birth parents are a part of our everyday lives. We talk about what happened in the past, what could happen in the future, where they went wrong (the parents), what they could have done differently (parents). One thing is for sure. My children will always have someone to stand by them. I don't think some of their parents had that. I may not agree with how they choose to live their lives when they get older but I will always be here for them. Not to say I will every support bad choices, or bail someone out of jail , or agree with them on everything, but I will be here to lead, guide and direct. And love. I have the gift to truly love my children. Sometimes it's taken longer than others. It's not a magical thing that happens. It grows just like every relationship does. One of my teenage adopted daughters said to me "you don't love me as much as you do Staisha" My reply was Yes I do. It may be different, but I want the same thing in life for you that I do for her. I love you with everything I know how. After this long discussion I think she got it. She knows I love her. It may not be the same as a birth parent. It's different. It's better . Or at least I think it's better. I can't every imagine any thing keeping me from my children. Well I could go on and on , and I will but not today.

Monday, July 20, 2009


We moved Jennifer Sat. and Sun. It took about 5 hours one way. We were all tired but got a lot accomplished. I hope she is really happy at Vanderbilt. Tabitha is going back this week to help finish up some little stuff like hanging pictures, trim touch ups, and organizing space. D.J. and Daivon stayed to help her out, they wanted to take advantage of the pool. School time is almost here. Band camp is this week for Marvin, Krishawnda, and Anthony. Cheerleading/tumbling practice also started this week for Destinee. Doreese is babysitting during the day so I don't have any BIG kids home. Selena and Kieanna are the oldest ones home and they love it. I've had several question about adoption that I would like to address next. So stay tuned for some advice and opinions.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Camping in the Mountains

We're back! We had a wonderful time. It was actually really restful. I do know why all the pioneers were so small. It took forever to cook a meal for 25 people over an open fire. (I did cheat and have a small gas grill) The grill would cook twice as fast as the open fire. By the time I finished cooking, serving and cleaning for one meal it was time to start the next. The only time I got tired was when I had to walk to the bathrooms. (up hill both ways LOL) Water was at our camp site but the bathrooms were a walk away. It made me appreciate my bathroom especially in the middle of the night! It was one of the best vacations we've had. We have went on some longer, bigger, more expensive trips (Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Disney world,) but none I've enjoyed any more.
The kids are all really tired as they were so excited and didn't go to sleep early and were up at the crack of dawn. Really! As you can tell in the pictures Tabitha, Lauren, Andrew, Staisha, and Josh went with us. I think that's what made it so enjoyable. I wish Brian and Jennifer could have gone. Well Jennifer could have but declined. She didn't think that being in the mountains in the woods with no bed was her idea of fun. So she declined the offer.
Tomorrow is another big day. We are heading to Tennessee to move Jen into her house. I know I'll sleep well tonight! Goodnight.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone Camping

This is a picture of John,my 13 year old who has CP. He is sweet as can be and will make you laugh to you hurt. He is a happy kid. His older brothers give him a hard time sometime and I have to remind them of his diagnosis. The girls are really good to him and laugh with him. He is most excited about us going camping. He can't wait to get to fish. and swim. and sleep in the tent. and play in the water. You get the picture. All the kids are ready to go. We have 2 dentist appointments early in the morning then we are off. I've been busy all day getting ready. One had a psychologist appointment today and two middle schoolers had sport physicals so they can play ball and wrestle. So now I'm off to bed, so I can rise early.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tonight I have Lauren and Andrew. Tabitha is in Tennessee with Jennifer. I sure do enjoy them both. They are easy for me to spoil as I don't have to worry about being the disciplinarian. We had a busy but restful day. Church this morning to refuel my week. I always ask for God's divine intervention in our lives. We just rested the afternoon away with movies and naps for the younger ones. Then we had vacation bible school. Lauren didn't stay the full time but had a blast for the time she did stay. I think it was a little too much with her being away from her mom.
It is storming outside, we sure do need the rain. All my flowers have dried up to nothing. The garden too is drying up. We have had almost (almost) to many cucumbers to eat. That's a lot for this crowd. Squash too has been plentiful. Tomatoes have done OK. We sure can put away a lot of food. Which is one reason I can't loose weight. All I do is cook. (and clean) Well anyway if I don't cook it I'm still around it. When school starts back it will be easier. I sure will miss all the kids but I sure am going to enjoy that first week of school!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Ready to Paint

Jennifer and Tabitha are leaving early in the morning to head out to Tennessee. They are going to paint Jen's house. Staisha can't go of coarse because she's pregnant. I know she would go and help if she could. Destinee and Krishawnda are also going to help. My girls are like that, they are always ready to jump in and help. Not so the boys. Oh they will help, they just never volunteer. Although they did go help load the washer and dryer from Jennifer's , being she is getting a new one. I can always use another washer and dryer. You can bet one or the other will give trouble on a regular basis. In fact every appliance I own has to be replaced much more than they use to. After all it's not the age it's the mileage and they all get used an awful lot. Kinda like me I never feel old until I look in the mirror. Lot's of mileage.

Destinee is in Pink and was going to a school dance, Krishawnda is in black and was also attending a school function.

This picture is of Jennifer, Staisha and Tabitha. They had all gone out to eat together.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Robert's Birthday/Chic fil-a Cow Day

Today was Robert's 11th birthday. He got a football, a nerf hoops, and some basketball and football cards. All the little kids made him birthday cards, it was so sweet.
Today was also dress like a cow at chick fil-a. If you came dressed like a cow you got a free meal. So we dressed up the kids and headed to chick fil-a. The kids had a blast and the manager took pictures of all the kids. The teenagers were hesitant at firstbut when they seen everybody else they played it up and had a blast. Everyone came home tired, settled down and watched a movie. Tomorrow the teenagers have a pool party they are invited to. They are all ready to go. So I'm off to bed, so I can face another non-stop day tomorrow, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just lost a whole Post!!! I wanna cry. So I'll start over.
Faith was up sick in the night. I took her to the pediatrician after another 8 am appointment for therapy. She has strep. Katelynn will probably get it too as they share a room and are together all the time. Prayerfully no one else will get it. This picture was taken in the evening, they were catching lightning bugs.
We leave to go camping early in the week. Then we are moving Jennifer to Tennessee. She just closed on her first house and is super excited. Tabitha is going up with her this weekend to help her paint. The builder painted everything white and she hates white. Me I love white, it's so easy to touch up! Hey 20 years ago I would have painted too. She is looking for window shades. I offered my opinion and quickly found out she and I have different likes. I guess I'm too country for her.
I'm going to try and have a restful weekend before we go on vacation. LOL I know I'll need it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Putting my Foot in my Mouth

Boy did I mess up big time!! D.J. and Marvin like to attend a youth group at a church we don't attend. I don't have a promblem with it, the youth pastor is a really nice guy, and lives for the Lord. However this past Sunday the boys ask to call the youth minister for a ride to go and I said no , we were all going to the church we attend together. The boys walked off in a huff. A little while later I saw them talking to their dad but thought nothing of it..About 15 minutes later a man from the youth group pulled up, I went to find the boys, but could not and when I got back upstairs the man was gone. I thought the boys had disobeyed me and went anyway. I was furious. I thought they had ask their dad and he said yes not knowing I had already said no. I called the youth pastor and kinda hateful told him not to come pick up my children anymore. He was confussed, but I didn't realize about what until later. I was kinda smart with him. They had only went to their room and wasn't hanging out with everyone else. So at dinner when I called everyone to the table, D.J. and Marvin came up and sit down. When did y'all get back I ask? We never left mom was D.J's reply. What? I thought you left with Mr. K to go to church. No, said Marvin you told us we couldn't go. Oh...UHOH I really made a mess of things. I apologized of coarse, but felt really stupid. At least it let the kids see me mess up and take responsibility for it. A lesson I try to teach daily. If you knock it down, pick it up and say I'm sorry. Not, well he pushed me into it., or (the famous) I didn't do it. So I guess I learned not to jump to conclusions and to trust my boys a little more to do the right thing.
The pictures are of D.J. in uniform for ROTC and Marvin with his birth sister who is 2 years younger than him. He's 15, and she is 13. D.J. is 16.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dress up

My princess! Both of them are my little angels.

Keith's Dad

Charlie, Keith's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer mid May. It has been a rough ride for Keith and his sisters. At first we were going to bring him to live with us, but the Lord intervened and his oldest daughter Tanya moved in with him. (She's on his right)

It hasn't been easy for her. There was some issues from the past that seem to be causing problems even in the future. Patty, his youngest daughter is a store manager for a chain retail store, so she is in high demand on her job. Keith as always works as many hours as is humanly possible. I've always said he puts me second to none except his job.LOL I also realize his job put us where we are today. Some day I'll post a picture of the shack we started out in. God has really blessed us. I'm hoping and praying he will bring some peace to the family. He was given 6 months to 1 year to live. These pictures were taken father's day at the church Charlie attends. I try not to judge because we never know what it's like unless we have walked in their shoes.

On a lighter note, I got lots of school shopping done yesterday. All the kids are excited to get new shoes and clothes. (especially the girls) Faith and Katelynn are the easiest, they like any thing new. They play dress up every day and would probably just wear Cinderella, Snow White or Tinkerbell costumes to school and be happy. Oh if only my teenagers were so easy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the Fourth

We had a fantastic fourth celebration!

We had a BBQ with our former pastor and his family, kids played in the pool and then we ended with terrific fireworks show. Everyone was well behaved and had a good time.

The older boys were off with some friends when I took these pictures so they aren't in them. They think they are too cool to be seen with mom and such a big family.

We are trying to plan a mini-vacation to the mounains. Bible school happens to be the same week Keith took off work. Bummer. I'm not sure how we are going to juggle everything as one daughter babysits, one has a color guard practice and one has a tumbling event for cheerleading. I had almost rather cancel the vacation and just stay home. Almost. I'll manage somehow, maybe with making a 3 hour drive for 2 days. I think I'll be glad when Destinee gets her liscence. And then again maybe not.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My oldest three girls at home. 17, 16, and 15. All three are doing great and are a big help to me. Thet each have different gifts and talents. Basketball, cheerleading, chorus, track, and boys! Guess which one they all have in common. They are all clothes crazy and want way more than they need. The 17 year old is working and buying her clothes. The 16 year old is looking but so far hasn't found anything. They all stay busy during school with practices so I don't know if they can hold a job, maintain good grades (A's and B's) and keep up with all they are in. With my three grown girls and these three almost grown, I feel truly blessed with all the support and help they offer. I couldn't do it with out everyone doing their share. I also think it makes everyone feel needed and gives them a place in this big ole family.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun

The kids are in the pool everyday now. Which is fine with me as I don't have to go through with the bath routine. Between bikes, trampolines, sandboxes, swingset, scooters, skates, pogo sticks and the pool the kids are pretty worn out by the end of the day. Which is also fine by me because they sleep well because they are so worn out. We don't watch very much TV because of all the junk on. They are just not any thing on fit to watch. Even commercials are alcohol, sex, or violence. So keeping the kids busy is most productive for us. The kids are healthly and happy which is what counts most.