Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleaning House

Keeping a clean house with 18 kids (and 1 hubby) is not easy. For the most part it stays clean and straightened. The kids bedrooms get messy some but the main part of the house is cleaned every morning. Everyone has a job to do. Even the little kids do something. This is the way I've always done it. I remember mopping my floor every morning before going to work when my bio kids were young. I look back now and wonder why I felt the need to leave an empty house with a clean floor. The kids came in from school and messed it up before I ever got home. Oh well, it's what made me happy at the time. Every morning we get up all together and everyone does their job. We clean 5 bathrooms, mop 4 floors, vacuum 1 plus some area rugs, unload and load the dishwasher, dust Kitchen, den, library,living room, and put up and pick up anything in those rooms that doesn't belong. We fold the laundry every morning. During the day we keep laundry going and put all the clean dry clothes in hampers. After each child finishes their job they go to fold clothes , which is where I am running to and from monitoring and directing everyone. School days are a little harder as the kids ride the bus and we have a deadline. Getting everyone out the door at 7:15 ain't easy! But it works for us. All the kids know what to expect and learn responsibility. The job changes once a year in January. We tried more often but it just didn't work. Each child is responsible for making up their on bed and keeping their room tidy. I check periodically to see whose room needs help. If I help I usually throw away stuff they wouldn't so most everyone keeps it decent so I don't interfere. Of coarse I pick up and put up throughout the day, everyone chips in and cleans the kitchen after every meal. So that's how my house stays clean for those that have ask.

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