Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keith's Dad

Charlie, Keith's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer mid May. It has been a rough ride for Keith and his sisters. At first we were going to bring him to live with us, but the Lord intervened and his oldest daughter Tanya moved in with him. (She's on his right)

It hasn't been easy for her. There was some issues from the past that seem to be causing problems even in the future. Patty, his youngest daughter is a store manager for a chain retail store, so she is in high demand on her job. Keith as always works as many hours as is humanly possible. I've always said he puts me second to none except his job.LOL I also realize his job put us where we are today. Some day I'll post a picture of the shack we started out in. God has really blessed us. I'm hoping and praying he will bring some peace to the family. He was given 6 months to 1 year to live. These pictures were taken father's day at the church Charlie attends. I try not to judge because we never know what it's like unless we have walked in their shoes.

On a lighter note, I got lots of school shopping done yesterday. All the kids are excited to get new shoes and clothes. (especially the girls) Faith and Katelynn are the easiest, they like any thing new. They play dress up every day and would probably just wear Cinderella, Snow White or Tinkerbell costumes to school and be happy. Oh if only my teenagers were so easy.

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