Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Ready to Paint

Jennifer and Tabitha are leaving early in the morning to head out to Tennessee. They are going to paint Jen's house. Staisha can't go of coarse because she's pregnant. I know she would go and help if she could. Destinee and Krishawnda are also going to help. My girls are like that, they are always ready to jump in and help. Not so the boys. Oh they will help, they just never volunteer. Although they did go help load the washer and dryer from Jennifer's , being she is getting a new one. I can always use another washer and dryer. You can bet one or the other will give trouble on a regular basis. In fact every appliance I own has to be replaced much more than they use to. After all it's not the age it's the mileage and they all get used an awful lot. Kinda like me I never feel old until I look in the mirror. Lot's of mileage.

Destinee is in Pink and was going to a school dance, Krishawnda is in black and was also attending a school function.

This picture is of Jennifer, Staisha and Tabitha. They had all gone out to eat together.

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