Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Putting my Foot in my Mouth

Boy did I mess up big time!! D.J. and Marvin like to attend a youth group at a church we don't attend. I don't have a promblem with it, the youth pastor is a really nice guy, and lives for the Lord. However this past Sunday the boys ask to call the youth minister for a ride to go and I said no , we were all going to the church we attend together. The boys walked off in a huff. A little while later I saw them talking to their dad but thought nothing of it..About 15 minutes later a man from the youth group pulled up, I went to find the boys, but could not and when I got back upstairs the man was gone. I thought the boys had disobeyed me and went anyway. I was furious. I thought they had ask their dad and he said yes not knowing I had already said no. I called the youth pastor and kinda hateful told him not to come pick up my children anymore. He was confussed, but I didn't realize about what until later. I was kinda smart with him. They had only went to their room and wasn't hanging out with everyone else. So at dinner when I called everyone to the table, D.J. and Marvin came up and sit down. When did y'all get back I ask? We never left mom was D.J's reply. What? I thought you left with Mr. K to go to church. No, said Marvin you told us we couldn't go. Oh...UHOH I really made a mess of things. I apologized of coarse, but felt really stupid. At least it let the kids see me mess up and take responsibility for it. A lesson I try to teach daily. If you knock it down, pick it up and say I'm sorry. Not, well he pushed me into it., or (the famous) I didn't do it. So I guess I learned not to jump to conclusions and to trust my boys a little more to do the right thing.
The pictures are of D.J. in uniform for ROTC and Marvin with his birth sister who is 2 years younger than him. He's 15, and she is 13. D.J. is 16.

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