Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just lost a whole Post!!! I wanna cry. So I'll start over.
Faith was up sick in the night. I took her to the pediatrician after another 8 am appointment for therapy. She has strep. Katelynn will probably get it too as they share a room and are together all the time. Prayerfully no one else will get it. This picture was taken in the evening, they were catching lightning bugs.
We leave to go camping early in the week. Then we are moving Jennifer to Tennessee. She just closed on her first house and is super excited. Tabitha is going up with her this weekend to help her paint. The builder painted everything white and she hates white. Me I love white, it's so easy to touch up! Hey 20 years ago I would have painted too. She is looking for window shades. I offered my opinion and quickly found out she and I have different likes. I guess I'm too country for her.
I'm going to try and have a restful weekend before we go on vacation. LOL I know I'll need it!

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