Thursday, July 30, 2009


Family is so important. This is my nephew TJ. He will be 3 in August. When he is here he is the youngest one around and gets lots and lots of attention. He is so cute. As a young mother I took things toddlers did in stride. I never thought one pouring a whole bottle of baby oil over their head was a cute memory. Or helping me by taking an egg out of the fridge and dropping it onto the kitchen floor just as I'm trying to hurry and get dinner on. Now that I'm older these things just tickle me. Time goes by so fast. They grow up so fast. I've learned that getting upset over little things just isn't worth it. Lauren (my granddaughter) was 3 in April. She too is just too cute. Nana I like Hannah Tanna. I knew who she was talking about. (Hannah Montana) The older girls (6-10) go around singing No body's perfect. Now Lauren is also singing. Laughter is the best medicine. My family is the most important thing in life to me. My 22 children, my 3 grandchildren(counting the one on the way), and of coarse my hubby of 30+ years. I love talking to my teenagers. Sometimes I'm really not in the mood to talk but if they say wait mom let's talk, I always try to stop and listen. I hope to be close to all my adult children. The picture of all the kids was taken Sunday after church, Brian and Amey came and ate lunch with us. Brian borrowed his dad's truck ,his car is being repaired. I miss Jennifer. I know she is a grown woman, but I still worry about her. We have always been a family that helps each other in time of need. With Jennifer so far away we can't be much help. Hopefully we will get to see her on all holiday's and some weekends. I hope so! I love my family!

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