Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to School anxiety

UGH! All the kids are all hyped up about going back to school. They all like school and are ready to go back but most adopted children don't deal with anxiety very well. Destinee (16) and Doreese (17) got in a fight. Yes a fight, they actually hit each other. It lasted for 2 hits and dissolved by the time I got to their room, but I was very disappointed in both of them. Selena also had a small melt down today. She got up set over dolls, yes dolls. She did get it together and come back and apologize. Isaiah who doesn't deal with stress well AT ALL, wet his pants, destroyed two microphones, and just made bad choices all day. The microphones went to the karaoke and a game system. He won't be the only one affected by that. My older boys hide theirs a bit better. IF they get upset with each other they settle it without my interference. Sometimes they just act goofy to cover up being worried. Faith and Katelynn both have wet the bed. Katelynn hasn't seem to over come this yet. Although we have been working at it for some time now. Thursday is the big day for us. Maybe everything will settle back down to normal. They have had a busy summer. One of the older boys said this was the best summer vacation ever!

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