Thursday, August 20, 2009

Genuine or Fake

Genuine or fake is a question I sometimes ponder when it comes to our kids and their emotions, problems and answers. I know of a mom who believed ever thing her daughter told her. EVERYTHING. The mom could not (or would not) see past her smile and manipulation. Keith and I often talked of this young girl who had everybody fooled but us. Sure enough it turns out in the end this girl duped her mom and dad and ending up running away and living the worst kind of life. This happened a long time ago but I still remember thinking what is she gonna hafta do for her parents to see through her. And they believed her to the very end. Am I like that? Are my children doing things behind my back I don't know of? Out of 18 children all of them seem to be genuinely happy and well adjusted. Sure there are a couple who are still going through some stuff but do I see the true picture? I read so many other blogs where families are struggling with their adopted children, that it scares me to think when is this going to happen to us? I want to believe that my teenagers are on the up and up. That no one is doing drugs, that no one is having sex, that they are all doing well socially. Their grades speak for themselves so I know they are doing well in school. At our house no one dates until they are 17 . and then only if I feel they are mature enough to handle a relationship. I am so proud of my kids. But what if it is only a facade, and they have me duped? I guess I'll enjoy my fantasy while it lasts and stop looking for trouble. I really hope they are doing as well as I think they are.

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