Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movie in The Park

We all went to movie in the park night. About once every couple of months a local church puts on an event for the community. This is great for us as it's free and the kids really enjoy it! They have popcorn and snowcones, which makes it that much more of a special treat. Tonight it was A Night at the Museum II. Since it didn't start until dark the younger kids got cranky and tired, so I left with them and Keith, Staisha and Josh stayed with middle school and up. We got to see about half of it. I'm sure I'll be renting it for the rest to see later. This is Tyler, Johnathan, Austin, and Isaiah. My two boys love Johnathan and Tyler. They play really well together.

I went grocery shopping today, I spent almost $650. Can you believe it? That's the most I've spent at one store. Hopefully that will take us two weeks, but I can't count on it! I usually stock our freezer once a month, but didn't even get close this time. Of coarse I had four of my teenage boys with me and honestly I think they are worse than the girls to ask for stuff. But it sure was nice having them help load the car!LOL Well all the little kids are asleep, so I'm off to take a shower.

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