Sunday, August 16, 2009


Saturday my nephew Cody and TJ had a birthday party. I agreed to host it at my house being I had the most kids anyway. Everyone had a blast. Cody turned 13 and TJ 3. We served hot dogs, with slaw and chili, chips, and ice cream and cake. They all played really hard. Even I got hit with a water balloon. Sunday was a busy day also. Kids went to church, and then we had company. We had Caldito (beef and potato soup) for dinner, it was yummy.
Most of the kids are back to a routine. The same ole same ole relieves some anxiety for them. While growing up in foster care you never know what the next day holds. So for them to know what is going to happen always helps to relieve the unknown. Up at 6, breakfast, school, bus runs, homework, play outside, supper, baths , movie time, bedtime. Every day. The time changes some on weekends but it is still a planned day. The pools have really been fun for them this year. All of the kids are able to get in the biggest pool and they love the water. Last year I was still worried about the youngest 2. But this year they are old enough for me not to worry so much.
No appointments tomorrow , but still loads of laundry to do. Laundry. always laundry.

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