Saturday, August 22, 2009


WE have been trying to schedule a family picture for about 2 weeks now. Olan Mills was running a special at the local mall and I up and paid for a package, made the appointment THEN told the kids. BAD idea. One has a cheer leading competition, one has a basketball game, and another has something they have signed up to help with. I use to be in charge of my life. Now my kids are. Should I go ahead and make everyone stay home and have the picture taken or do I reschedule again? I'm not sure. If I make them go what kind of picture will I get? Can I even reschedule and meet every ones schedules? I'm not to happy tonight. Maybe things will look brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Hate to tell ya mom, but if you try to work with EVERYBODY's schedule you will probably never get your pictures taken :)