Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Special Education

Today is my nephew's birthday. He is 3. His dad has just got custody of him. I sometimes keep him while his dad (Tim my brother) works. He doesn't talk. He mumbles and makes sounds but he doesn't speak but about 10 to 12 actual words. We have been working on getting him into a pre-school program so he can receive services. Tim lives in another county and leaves for work really early. We were trying to get him in school in the county I live in. I guess that is not going to happen. He has to actually live in the county he attends school in. I love the school system in which we live. They have always worked very closely with me concerning my children's education. Sometime we do have a different opinion, but always come to a conclusion we can both live with. I guess you could say I learned a lot with Doreese. She was our first child which needed special education. It was really hard to me at first. She was diagnosed with a learning disability and I just wanted to fix her. I did learn that you could not fix a disability. I pushed her really hard to start with. She was in first grade. She just couldn't remember her spelling words. We went over and over them and one time she would remember and the next time she wouldn't get it. Finally I got it. She could not do it. SO now I go a lot easier on the ones who have problems. I still want them to all do their very best. And they do! For the most part. Education is very important to me.

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