Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is Anthony, Cora and Kieanna. All three have braces on their teeth. Anthony got his first then Cora, and yesterday Kieanna got hers. I still have one more tween to go and that's all until someone gets theirs off. Actually we see two different orthodontist, as I found someone cheaper to do Kieanna's and Selena's. Jennifer also wore braces for 2 years. She got them off on her 14th birthday.

Life has been so busy lately. I thought I would post everyday, but I just didn't get around to it. With school starting and so much paperwork, and all of the older kids in stuff that they need rides home Keith and I both have been busy. Speaking of busy, my 15 Passenger van is in need of repairs! The water pump went out. Keith has been working on it and the fan is out too. Hopefully he will have it fixed this weekend. Thank goodness he is a shade tree mechanic. He learned how to do everything out of necessity. When we first got married we didn't have money to put a car in the shop, so he bought a book and figured it out for himself. He is a Jack of all trades, as my grandmother would say. He is my mister fixer upper.(all but sheetrock) but don't tell him I said that. LOL

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