Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cell phones

Of coarse every teenager nowadays thinks they are being deprived if they don't have a cell phone. Well with 7 in highschool and 5 in middle school, it ain't happening. We did go the pre-paid phones for 9 of the kids. But only Destinee could control her usage and keep any minutes longer than a couple of days. SO Destinee is the only one with a phone. IF she pays for half of her minutes I will pay the other half. She is pretty responsiable and does well. I did get another phone on our AT&T plan. That makes 5 phones. That's all you can have. 2 of my grown daughter still have their phones from when they were in highschool. They pay me for their phone bill each month. I think Staisha is fixing to get on the same plan with Josh (her husband) and that will leave us another phone. I tried letting each teenager have the phone as "theirs" but each and every one abused the priviliage. Some were texting during school and some were texting at midnight. So one by one they lost "their" phone. I signed a contract of coarse and have to pay for 1 year anyway so I debated about what to do with the phone. I decided to let each kid take it for one day. All highschoolers get one day each taking turns. This has worked out pretty good. Text is all the rage so each child (highschool) can have a day to text all they want. I think if Staisha does get her a phone, I'll still make them take turns using a phone for a day. It gives me more control of when and who they are talking to.

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