Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner and a movie

Last night Keith and I went out to dinner with some dear friends. We both started our adoption journey about the same time. 14 years ago she adopted 2 cute little boys. Like all little boys, they grew up. Doreese and her youngest are the same age. My how time flies. We sure did have a good time. We use to get together regularly about once every month. It was so nice to get together with other parents going through the same thing. It gives you a since of your not alone in this big ole crazy endeavor. There were 3 groups of parents and 23 kids between us. Every one brought something so there was plenty of food and fun. My how I miss that. Her boys are almost grown and the other parents children are also almost grown. The couple we went out with last night have found a new love. Morotcycles! I wanted to get a picture but didn't get one before it got dark. I will though. Next time.

Staisha kept all the kids for me and she said they done great! I have began to worry about her now that she only has 2 and a half months to go. She is doing fine with no problems but keeping all my kids is a big job. OF coarse my older girls help out. I was proud they acting so well while I was gone.

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