Monday, August 17, 2009

3 year olds

This is Lauren and Makayla. Both 3 and both girly girls. These two along with Faith and Katelynn play princess dress up every day. They all love makeup and hair ribbons and lace and ruffles. They keep me laughing. If we could all be so innocent. All of the kids stay really busy. The older ones all are involved in school activities and the younger ones are on the move all day long. If I had their energy, I could accomplish all I'd like to get done in a day.

I had a slow day today. I had no appointment to rush to. It gave me time to think and ponder. I thought about Jennifer, who spent Thursday and Friday with us. I have gone several weeks before without seeing her. When she lived in Gwinnett I didn't see her regularly. I never thought about it. Now that she is four hours away I want to see her. I guess it's all in my mind. If I know she is just around the corner, I'm OK. She's there if I want to see her. But if she is 4 hours away and I can't just call her and say come home, or go over to see her it makes me miss her more. Oh well. I guess I'll get use to it. I encouraged her to go. I guess it's too late to change my mind. Four years is a long time.

Another easy day tomorrow. If you call babysitting 3 three year olds easy. On second thought I'm gonna have a really busy, tiring day tomorrow!

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