Monday, July 27, 2009


It is storming outside right now. I enjoy listening to the rain. Austin is afraid of thunder so he has already made his way to our bed. I'll move him to the futon at the end of our bed before I go to sleep. Today we went through Katelynn and Faith's clothes. I think I need help. I don't know why I buy them so many clothes. I had one bag full to throw away, a box to give away, and they still have way too many. At least 20 outfits each. We are blessed. Austin and Isaiah also have plenty. The older kids are a little harder as they tell me what they like and the younger ones are easy to talk into wearing what I like. Although sometimes I do put my foot down about skimpy or too tight clothing. For the most part everyone complies.

I still haven't uploaded my camera yet. I'll post pictures when I do. I'm using the computer in the kitchen and don't have my camera cord in here. This is the computer the kids got for Christmas. We have just now got it to work with wireless. Thanks Josh!!

It doesn't look like we will be helping out the mom that is so sick. Another door opened for her and everything looks good. I love helping others. Especially if it involves kids. I teach my children to serve others also. They do a great job! The older 4 boys play frisbee on Thursday nights with a youth pastor. He had to bring his 2 little boys with him once. He made sure Keith and I knew how well our boys played with the little ones and how they helped out and took turns. This made me feel really good. For them to do well in my sight is one thing but when I'm not around is another. Way to go Daivon, Anthony, Marvin, and DJ.

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