Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soccer games tonight

We have two soccer games tonight. One at 6 and another at 7, both at different fields of course. Tabitha will take the Isaiah with her as Andrew and him are on the same team. I'll go and take my whole crew to Austin's. Tyler is on Andrew and Isaiah's team and Johnathan is on Austin's team. They are all so cute to watch. They grow up so fast. I remember when Brian who is now 26 was playing t-ball and soccer and basketball. Once during a t-ball game he hit a field ball, we were screaming for him to run, run, well he ran to 2ND base. We yelled keep running , keep running, and he did. Right on out into the field. He never made the turn to 3rd base. LOL Oh my how we laughed. Time goes by while were not watching!

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