Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our schedule is fixing to get pretty crazy! Austin has soccer practice on Sunday's from 2 - 3:30, Faith and Katelynn have dance on Tuesday from 6-7, Promise and Cora have cheer leading on Thursday's from 5:30-7, Hannah, Isaiah, Tyler, Andrew, and Katelynn have Good News club on Thursday 2:40 until 3:45, Krishawand, Marvin, and Selena have band practice Monday and Thursday's after school until 6:15. Wednesday Krishawanda has color guard until 5:15. Daivon and Anthony have football practice Monday -- Thursday until 6:30 or 7ish. Kieanna, and John have cross country until 5:15 Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Destinee is planning on playing basketball and is running in the afternoons after school. Krishawanda, Destinee, and Doreese all have jobs, and work as much as they can. We have season passes to the football game (thanks)this year and hope to go to every home game. Which is most Friday nights. Only 2 away games this year. Cora is also in chorus, and Robert in band. They have concerts periodically. We have church on Sunday and we go on some Wednesday's. NEEDLESS to say We are busy. I really believe in keeping the kids involved. It helps give them self-esteem, as well as helps them be well known and that makes for more friends. All positives. The kids don't have a lot of time to just hang together, in this picture they are all playing cards.
Thank goodness Keith's schedule is going to change after this week. He has been working 4AM yes 4AM until 2PM for the summer. It has been horrible. He sure hasn't gotten enough sleep. He comes in exhausted and sleepy, so he usually sleeps a couple of hours and then he's up until the house is quiet at 10pm. It seems like I haven't carried on a conversation with him all summer, unless we are out to ourselves and then we try to catch up.

I am looking forward to cooler weather for more than one reason. My power bill will drop by several hundred dollars for one thing, Keith will be home more, and I can work outside more. I love my flowers but they sure do need weeding. The hot weather just about gets me.

Laundry is calling me. I wonder if I could get by with my kids usual....... I didn't here you! LOL

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