Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more than one conference

I had a conference this morning at 7:15, whew!, I just made it. I don't like leaving my house until all of the kids are on the bus. I took the elementary kids with me but left middle and high school to get on without me. This is only the 2ND time in 25 years I've ever done so. I usually always have either Tabitha or Jennifer, Staisha or Brian make sure everyone gets on. Not that I have any reason to believe that they would not. It is just I had rather KNOW that they did without worry. Or what ifs. Destinee will start to drive in October. I am thankful. That will lesson a load on the family. I am really strict though about first time drivers. I won't let too many of them ride with her. I know how kids are to try and impress someone, or take a dare, or just plain be careless. I know she will be glad as a senior that she doesn't have to ride the bus any longer. Her and Doreese.
I have 3 more conferences today. 1 tomorrow, and 2 next week. That takes care of elementary school. Middle school will be next. High school is usually just once a year. If all of the meetings go as well as Faith's did today I will be extremely happy! I know they will not though because I have one who is acting out. Nothing really bad, just hide and go seek in the library, burping contest at lunch, his folder not signed one week, calling someone a name(stupid) and some homework not turned in. I know he has some issues going on right now. BUT he has to get it together. This year is really important for him. He is on a border line right now for an IEP. He can do it. He just has to apply himself. I've had kids go either way at this point. Some have overcome and one has chosen to get all the attention and help she can. Sometimes wanting to do it is more important than being able to. I'm off to another conference.

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