Saturday, September 18, 2010


A lot has happened since my last post. My 12 year old little poodle died. Broke my heart. We buried her in our yard. We had a birthday celebration, We have another in a few days. They have cut Keith's hours again, where we will cut back I don't know. I got all but one conference done and I forgot that one. Austin had his first special needs soccer practice and LOVES it. Cora and Promise have had 3 cheer leading practices and both are over the moon about cheer leading. My electric oven is on the fritz. My gas oven still works so I'm not in a total pinch but we use both ovens regularly. I toured a college for Doreese that is perfect for her, I absolutely loved it. However I think her boy friend is talking against it. She would be about 3 and a half hours away. D.J. moved out. Not a bad thing, but not a good thing. He has already changed his mind and wants to come back. Still working on that one. Destinee turns 18 next month. I hope she still lets me have some influence on her life. 18 is so young. I only have 7 kids home today. A first I think. I hate silly bands, too much auguring over them. Hopefully Keith and I will have a date tonight. Hopefully!

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