Monday, September 6, 2010

Stomach Virus Yuck!

NEVER, have so many of the kids been sick at one time! A stomach bug has took over. Out of 20 kids (including my grand kids)only 4 haven't been sick. Thankfully the little kids have all gotten sick on different days. I think it actually got in on Tuesday, as Robert was sick right at bedtime, but never threw up. Then on Wednesday night with Hannah,and she was really sick. She missed school on Thursday. Then by Friday night 4 more had it. Sat. more and Sunday even I had the bug although I wasn't as sick as some. So today one more has it. It's not but 24 hours, thank goodness. Keith hasn't come down with it yet, so he will probably have to miss a day of work when he does get it. I Cloroxed everything, but it didn't stop it. I guess it is just going to have to run it's course. I guess you can look at it as there is never a great loss with out some small gain. All the kids beds got stripped and washed and all the bathroom rugs got washed. So everything is clean IF its all over.

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