Monday, October 4, 2010


I have so much drama out of my teenage girls. The two oldest today got into an actual pushing and shoving match over a pair of shoes! Destinee couldn't find a particular pair of shoes. She wanted to look under Doreese's bed for shoes, Nope, Doreese knew the shoes were not under her bed and didn't want Destinee to look. Of coarse Destinee was sure Doreese was hiding her shoes. Why? Who knows. It became a full blown knock down drag out. The shoes were not found and to top it off Doreese's shoes can't be found now either. What in the world are these two thinking? Doreese is 18 and is determinded to move out. Destinee will be 18 this month and is thinking the same thing. That's OK with me. I just would like for it to be done the right way and not with threats. When I start intervening in disagreements, and arguments it's "I'm moving out! You can't tell me what to do." OK--GO! I'm tired of the drama. OF coarse after everyone calms down, she's not going any where. But it takes me saying hurtful and mean things to get these girls to listen. WHY? I don't think they get that life is not a bed of roses no matter where you live. You still have responsibilities. You still have to take care of yourself. No one is going to do it for you. You have to learn to get along with people. Even people you don't like. DJ learned this the hard way. Life is not always greener on the other side. Teenagers in general think life owes them something. The ones that do work are allowed to spend their money on what ever they want. Do they save any? NO. Do they buy any real valuable life a car. No. They are expecting me to do it. They are in for a real surprise. All of their money is spent on trendy clothes, movies, eating out and junk. I don't know how either one of these girls think they could move in with someone else and be supported. Not to mention all the extra curricular activities they are in. Doreese has a perfect plan laid out for her life. She is going to be accepted into a college that will work with her learning disability, help her get the education she needs. If she does get mad and move out, she will lose this opportunity. Destinee too has a good plan. If these two girls could just look down the road and see where they will be if they do not follow through with their education, they would listen to mama. But how many kids actually listen to their mama?

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