Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Faith just turned 7. She was just 3 weeks old when I got her. I went to the hospital when she was born, I knew she was mine then. I sure have went through some stuff within my family who had a different opinion of what "I" needed to become her mom. She is a such a huge blessing to me. I love her with all my heart. We have another birthday this month. Destinee will be the magic "18". Actually we have another birthday too. My grand baby will be ONE year old. It's hard to believe a whole year has went by. The Lord has been good to us in the last year. We have went through some trials but have come out triumphant! Thank you Lord. One of my sons is living with his bio dad. It broke my heart but it's has turned out to be a good thing. He is doing well in school and has learned some valuable lessons. My oldest daughter at home is also wanting to move out. She is still a senior and has big issues to overcome. All I can do is lead and guide at this point. Law says 18 is old enough. For children that have suffered trauma and neglect it is not old enough. In my opinion, 18 isn't old enough for some birth kids who haven't suffered. I'm just trying to remember who is in charge and not look at a small puzzle piece. I know I am walking in God's will. I still falter sometimes. I still say things I shouldn't. I still do things I shouldn't. I still think things I shouldn't. I still pray, a lot. I guess it gives me a better prayer life.
I have no clue what Austin is doing in this picture. He was probably disappointed in Faith's gift. Not something he could play with. LOL

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