Monday, October 25, 2010

Kyson's First Birthday

Saturday my youngest grandson turned 1! Oh my. I'm sure time is going by faster than it did when I was younger. I remember looking at the clock in 4Th grade thinking 3:00 would never come that last 15 minutes killed me. Then in middle school, when I went through several change of schools, I new time was standing still and I would be in 7Th grade forever. High School came and I couldn't wait to grow up and be on my own. Even when my babies were born, enduring the first years, learning to be a mom, getting up in the middle of the night, those days and nights seem to drag on forever. I kept thinking if I can just make it until they are 18. Well when I blinked one day they were all grown. 6 now in the category of adult. Well almost, Destinee will turn 18 tomorrow. Now if I can just get the three seniors through high school. I am so afraid once they turn 18 that they will think they are grown and no one can tell me what to do. Doreese has a terrific college/trade school lined up. Destinee has applied but not really like I think she should. I'm not sure what DJ's plans are. He was going to attend Gainesville for early childhood education. I'm not sure if that's still the plan since he is living so far away with his birth family. He won't be 18 until early March.

One day I'll look up and Kyson will be 5 and starting school, then 10 playing basketball, then 17 and dating, then graduating. It will all have happened in what seems like days. I hope I can enjoy his baby years. They slip by so fast. He did have a wonderful birthday party with lots of happy memories. Lots of friends to wish him many more happy years. Jennifer was home, which is always a treat. Brian was here, along with Amy and a cute little guest. Some good friends who has a precious little one, that we weren't sure would make it, due to being born with a heart defect. You would never know anything was wrong. At 8 months he is so cute. I got a treat as I held a newborn a good long while. His mom needed the break as she has a 1 year old and a 5 week old. It's always good to see Josh's side of the family. Both of his parents are dead and his grandparents adore him and Kyson. Kyson got more toys than he could ever play with. It is so fun to watch him be loved, nurtured, and spoiled. Nana sure does love Kyson.

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