Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more corn maze

We are missing Amey and Cora in the family picture. They had went to the bathroom and decided to check out a couple of other attractions before coming back. One of the workers was taking the picture and couldn't wait any longer.

Josh made this big goofy face while I was taking the pictures, so I thought I would share with everyone what he thought was funny for me so everyone would have a good laugh! The black tunnel the kids are in was crazy! It made you feel like you were walking on a bridge that was moving. Austin cried and wouldn't go in. He was so obsessed with it. He would go to the door and stand and cry and say he was afraid. OK son don't go in, but I want to, OK then go in, no! I'm scared. Do you want me to go with you? Yes he said OK let's go. NO he cried I'm afraid. After 20 minutes of this I finally just picked him up and took him in screaming. After he got through he LOVED IT! He went back by himself about 10 more times. He just wouldn't trust me that nothing was scary about it. I tried and tired to make him understand I wouldn't put him in anything scary. Oh well. Maybe he will believe me next time.

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