Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break

We are enjoying spring break. All of the older teens are on trips with their friends. Destinee and Krishawanda went to Flordia, DJ is at the lake with friends, Marvin is with his girlfriend and her parents, Doreese is staying with friends, and Daivon and Anthony have taken a job painting Tabitha's house. It sure is quiet around here. I think the older kids make more noise than the little ones. I really enjoy being able to get a little extra sleep although when I have to get up at 6 I drag myself up and since I can sleep a little later this week I still find myself waking up at 6. Go figure! Tabitha's children both have birthdays this month so she will be giving a big birthday bash for them soon. Last year she rented a big blow up jump house for the weekend and they all had a blast! All the kids are looking forward to the party as much as Lauren and Andrew! My new grandbaby is a doll. I keep meaning to post pictures, but haven't yet. She looks a lot like her brother and like her aunt Tab. She is a month old today. Sweet, sweet, sweet, and already sleeping through the night. I know that makes her mom happy. I have nothing planned for today other than playing with the kids. Oh there is stuff I need to be doing, but time is so short with the kids. I'll paint, clean, and weed when they go back to school!

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