Monday, May 16, 2011

Counting down the school year

Just a few more days and then its summer vacation. The kids are all excited. VBS, camping, zoo, skating, bowling, church camp, and tons more. Me, I'm looking forward to sleeping in just a little. June will be a blast. They will be so busy, they won't have time to think! By the time July gets her I'm sure they will start to use the B word. BORED! Oh well I still have lots of cleaning, and house projects they can help me with. It is actually going to be quiet around the house. 5, yes 5 kids will be leaving. Doreese, who is 19 tomorrow, is taking on a live in baby sitting job while she is waiting for her spot to come open for her school. It is a smaller school that caters to kids (adults) with special needs/learning disabilities. I am really proud of her. This school is heaven sent to her. Destinee leaves for the Army June 1st. She goes for her second half of basic training It's called AIT. When she gets back she is attending college. WOW! She has beat the odds! She is hoping to get a new dorm, but there has been an issue with the housing deposit so she may have to settle for a different place to live, but I'm sure she will find her way. DJ is Army bound also, however his ship date has never been set, so he's spending some time with his bio mom this summer, and if everything goes according to plan he will ship August or September. He had several problems with his entry physical. (Sprained ankle, pulled muscle in his shoulder, and a cyst on the bottom of his foot ) Krishawanda heads out to basic training on May 23rd. She has been a bundle of nerves these last few days. Marvin is working with some friends and spending the summer with them. We will see what happens when school starts back. I really don't want him to move out just yet. He still has a year of school left. BUT with all 5 gone my summer will be much quieter. Oh and Daivon and Anthony just went to work! They both worked their first full day Sunday afternoon from 1-9, Church and then work. They were both tired. I'm ready for some quiet!

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