Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Well I've been quiet on my blog for quiet some time.  Sometimes it was on purpose, sometimes not.  Life is flying by.  It seems there isn't time for anything anymore.  Hurry and get up, get the kids on the bus, get showered, get dressed, dress Rebecca, feed Rebecca, rush to some kind of appointment,(pediatrician, dentist, therapist, psychologist, orthodontist, school meetings,) rush home, fix dinner, feed everyone, take someone somewhere(dance, basketball, football, drama, band) go pick someone up, get everyone to get a bath, put everyone to bed. Start all over.  On weekends, we have ball games usually at least 2.  Sometimes 4.  GO GO GO!  My New Years resolution is to S L O W   D O W N.  I've made myself a nervous wreck trying to do too much.  I know the kids all want to be involved in something, but we are just too consumed with stuff to do.  Kids need a break too. 

Our adoption with my newest family members will be final tomorrow!  Kids are really excited. Me too! That's one thing off my list.  No more visits with our caseworkers.   (Sorry guys, we do love you though.) That's 2 appointments off my calender a month.  With Christmas right around the corner, and school our for a while maybe we can all have a rest.  Although I've kept us busy as a family too.  We all went to Stone Mountain.  It was sooo crowded!  It was pretty and the kids had fun, but we will not go on a Saturday ever!  Also went to a free kids carnival.  Kids had a blast at that too.  Wasn't too crowded, and lines weren't long.  Got pictures of all the kids with Santa.  Cute, cute, cute.  We have tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet.  A family gift from all the grown kids.  I'm sure we'll all enjoy that. Especially the girls in ballet.  I have a gingerbread house party planned for this Friday.  This is the 4th year we've done it and the kids LOVE it!  Someone judges who's is best and they get a small cash prize.  Big imaginations.  You see why I'm tired.  I've over done it.  We are going to the mouse pizza place (CEC) for our adoption celebration!  I think the kids are mostly excited about the celebration.  So after this adoption I have one more. (technically 2) to complete.  Both are private.  Then who knows.  I think I'm through.  I think I'm ready for old age.  That is until I here about another kid who needs a home, then I'll think again.  LOL



  1. You sound just like us! Every time we think we are done we hear of another child who has no where to go and we know we can do it. So we do!

  2. Yep...just when I think I'm done, the heart strings get tugged once again.

    Congratulations on your newest finalized kids. We'll finalize our newest in March. They can hardly either.

    God's Blessings