Sunday, September 15, 2013

6 blessings and counting.......

That's 6 grand babies.  With one on the way.  I truly love my grand babies.  With so many children in our family all the grand babies just blend right in.  Just because one mom is changing a diaper that doesn't mean it's that  babies mom, just a mom.

 Officially we are 29 blessings and counting. I really wanted it to be just 29 blessings but maybe the Lord has different plans.  I've been helping a mom out with 4 now for almost a year.  And I thought she was going to get it together. but in July everything fell apart.  So I've applied for guardianship of the children.  Precious, precious little kids.  She is in agreement that she has to get it together before she can be a good mom.  She does love her kids.  I've worked with some moms who only wanted to visit their kids 15 minutes then use my computer or telephone for the next hour.  We have some goals in place so hopefully she can get a job and move forward.  Life is so hard for a single mom.  I did provide free childcare for her while she was working.  So for right now I have 4 extra to add to the 29.  Not all living at home of course.  I'm pretty proud of all  my grown children.  Some of the younger ones still have a lot to learn about life but they will get there.  My 17 year old daughter and I just had a huge blow up the other night about her volley ball shorts.  Just because everyone else wears them she seem to think she can get by with it too.  Uh NO.  She threatened to move out, wanted me to sign guardianship over to someone else, she wasn't being treated fair,  oh  my gosh, it went on and on.  We finally worked it out.  Most of her problem is arguing with me.  She's really a terrific young women.  But mom's still got some say so in what you wear if your living in my house.  I tried to tell her she was setting an example for her younger sisters but she can't see she's doing anything wrong.  Society is really hurting our girls in the line of modesty, and Godliness.

We had a full summer and then a bang of a back to school month.  Krishawanda had her baby. which ended up in ICU and had to have her stomach pumped.  She's doing great now, but had a rocky start.  Austin had to have his appendix taken out.  Hurting on a Thursday night, pediatrician on Friday, told it was viral, then severe pain on Sunday night with a trip to the ER and surgery early morning hours of Monday.  Then we took the kids and went to the mountains for Labor day and so help me Keith got sick and ended up in an ambulance with a three day stay in the hospital.  I was in three different hospitals for three weeks in a row.  Whew!  On top of all that I have four playing rec cheer leading, 1 volley ball, 2 track, 1 varsity cheerleader, and 1 soccer.  Thank the good Lord for using all the good people of our community to help get my kids where they need to be.  We have super coaches and teachers.

We had a birthday today and another one in a week.  We have all of our fall activities coming up.  I'm going to enjoy them to the fullest with all my kiddies and grand babies. 

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