Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Basketball Game, Ice Skating, and Pictures!

I finally broke down and bought a camera, then Destinee told me she bought me one for Christmas.  I opened the one I bought and used it, so I can't take it back and I really like the one Destinee gave me for Christmas.  I think I will give mine to one of the teenage girls.  I'm sure they would love it!

Two weeks ago we took the kids to a UGA girls basketball game.  The kids read for tickets, and we had enough for everyone to get in.  Last week we took everyone and went ice skating.  This is the first time ice skating for any of us.  There isn't anywhere close and we drove about an hour to get there.  It was worth it!  The kids had a blast.  I entertained grand kids and walked through the park all decorated with lights.  Those are memories we will all cherish.

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