Saturday, March 31, 2012


I love spring.   I'm not sure it's my favorite time of year, but it's a close second if it's not.  Fall and spring tie for first place.  All my flowers are blooming, kids play outside until dark, kids at soccer fields, and glorious weather.  Our spring break is this next week, ugh! and joy!  It's so much easier when the kids are out of school, no stress.  But the kids get so bored.  We live in a world of entertainment.  Society tells us we can't just sit and reflect, we have to be busy.  I'm sure one of the first things the kids will do when they go back to school is write about what they did over spring break.  They think it's unacceptable to say OH we slept in, stayed up late, watch movies, and played outside.  Nope, they want to say we went to the beach or the lake house or on some dramatic trip.  Oh well,  guess they'll be disappointed.  I'll be happy to say we slept in, stayed up late, watched movies, and enjoyed the sunshine.  AND, we didn't have to do baths every night, no homework, no worries about what someone is going to wear and, no teenage arguing over borrowing clothes.  Now that's a break!    

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