Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Cloud

Well it's been so long since I posted I'm sure I've lost some of my readers.  It seems like we were under a black cloud for a while.  BUT Thank you Jesus it's been lifted.  The junk we went through finally ended.  All came out right as it should have (blessing # 1).  It was just the devil I'm sure but it's hard to keep on going as if nothing has happened.  We have been blessed, blessed, this month.   My son in law just completed his on the job training.  He has a bachelors in criminology and waited a year and a half for a job.  He finished in the top 5 of his class and got the shift and hours he wanted.  Way to go Josh!  Blessing #2.  Marvin and Doreese both got jobs. Good jobs. Blessing #3.  We got enough back on taxes to pay off some debt, and we did. Blessing #4.  Krishawanda, who had moved to another state with her boyfriend, (BAD situation) came back home. Blessing #5.  We are truly blessed daily, these were just big time prayers answered. 

Everyone is healthy and doing well.  We did have a few injuries this month, Hannah fell in the back yard and broke her arm.  The same arm and same place she fell and broke in 2010 when we were skating.  It is healing very well, and she gets her cast off in a couple more weeks.  John was playing football at school and broke his finger.  They didn't even call me, just sent him home on the bus as usual.  He had to have surgery to put in a screw.  He is doing great! So much better than I would have done I'm sure.

Everyone is looking forward to Easter.  We have a big dinner here as usual.  Lots of fun and family.  And SONSHINE.


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