Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer is at an end

THANK GOODNESS! We really enjoyed the first part of summer, I had activities planned every day. Park, lake, skating, bowling, mall and several other outings. On our mountain camping vacation one of the teenagers acted out awful. I do mean awful. Lies were told, truth was stretched and the culprit pitted one against the other. But I forget who is in control. God. So actually everything worked out fine. My nerves are still a bit on edge, and I just didn't have the heart to jump back into all the trips with the kids. We still went a few places but nothing like the first of the summer. I know God always has a plan, and the grounding that came from the acting out actually made us closer as a family. Outside influences can really be bad. Teenagers are so impressionable and all it takes is for some busy body do gooder to stick their nose in and walla: teenagers think that your a mean ole mom, who doesn't really want or love them, and that they deserve so much better. Thankfully with the support of family, therapist, and local law enforcement I think this kid has learned his lesson. Of course he hasn't had any influence of any body around except his family, teachers and professionals, so he's been a great kid to be around these last 30 days.

Tomorrow is the first day of school! YEA. I am looking forward to a day of QUIET. All of our supplies are bought. Everyone has their new outfit picked out and new shoes to wear. They are ready and so am I . Can't wait! 6 am can't come soon enough!

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