Sunday, July 25, 2010


we are so blessed! God is so good. Going through my life is like being on a roller coaster. Some up days going really slow some down days flying with the wind. I guess it takes all those days to make me who I am. I know everyone can't see eye to eye with me. Our family is very unique. I love my family. Sometimes it seems I am too strict or a little too tough. But no one walks in my shoes but me. For the most part, all of my kids are doing great. One or two are still working on issues but they will make it. I know they all will not follow through with the life I have planned for them. But hey I didn't choose the life my mother had envisioned for me either. And I am a happy, content, God fearing , mama. That's what I wanted to be. A Mama. To say I expected to have this many kids with this many problems is crazy, wrong and a lie. But I always did want a big family and I always wanted to adopt. So I'm living my dream. Sometimes it seems like a nightmare. On those days I have to remember WHO is in charge. I know HE will see me through. He led me down this path and I know HE will make a way. God is GOOD!

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