Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well again time passes so quickly. I've been caught up working in my yard. So much to do. Weeds just take over. Leaves just pile up. It seems like just yesterday we were redoing the back yard and now a whole year has passed and it all needs to be done again. well almost everything. My grass isn't returning as quickly as I would like. To much traffic. Too many little feet, and bikes, and scooters and balls and etc. I did get most all of my flower beds cleaned out. I just like a little more on one. I'm tired. Bone tired. Yet I really love it!

Everyone here is doing great! DJ settled back in easy. Destinee and Krishawanda are both working as much as they can while planning and shopping for prom. Doreese is so ready to move on and I'm so ready for her too also! Marvin is still doing very good! Oh it feels so good to say that. Daivon and Anthony are both doing great~ Daivon has really good grades and Anthony isn't far behind. Selena is growing up. 15 today was our 20, I still see her as my little girl. Kieanna and I still but heads. She is doing very good in school with mostly A's and one B. Cora, John, Promise, and Hannah are all happy and healthy. Hannah just scored about 2 years higher on some of her end of the year test. Which puts her in the high average range. Ya-hoo. We have been working with her for 4 years now. Robert just got his report card and there is definitely room for improvement. All the younger boys are rambunctious and totally boys. Faith is still my spoiled little girl and Katelynn is still practically perfect. All in all everyone is holding their own.

Staisha and the baby are doing fine. Kyson is still a little stinker. He loves his baby sister and wants to hold her.
Tabitha is planning on painting her house spring break. Well paying to have it painted anyway. Andrew and Lauren both think they live here. Andrew especially. Lauren and Makayla are so funny together. Fighting one minute and best friends the next. Oh to be a 4 year old.

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