Monday, June 13, 2011


I could not get blogger to post for a week now.  I was having some trouble and posted under edit for a little while.  Then it wouldn't let me post there either.  UGH!  I looked up everything I knew to do.  Finally I updated something and Poof!  it worked!  So I have lots to catch up on.  3

We have had a busy summer so far.  We have had a camping trip, 2 lake trips,a teen retreat weekend,  and a river float trip.   We are planning a bowling trip, and a skating outing too.  The little kids 7-12 will leave for Jr. church camp on Wednesday.  Then be picked up Friday, and the older teens will go on Sunday for a week.  It's a fantastic christian camp that fills them up while they are there.   All the kids are looking forward to going.   We have 2 more camps planned and another camping trip planned.  Keeping the kids busy is key to a good summer.

No acting out or smart mouthing so far.  All the kids have been well behaved.  I I love the summer months when everything is laid back and easy.

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  1. You have a big, beautiful family!
    We love summer too!